Psycho Games Ch 6: The Just Judge – part 2

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Hey. Please excuse my brother. Also, please excuse the badly colored cover, which I am entirely responsible for.


I’m expecting hate-mail. I actually don’t get a lot of mail, so hate-mail might actually be appreciated. Clara isn’t necessarily an amazing person, but even if a person is completely terrible, and they’re a girl, having them get punched in the face is generally very frowned upon. I’d like to say this was completely necessary, but I probably could have thought of a different way. I wonder if I’m a worse person than any of my characters. I hope this comic doesn’t turn into a psychological self-diagnoses of myself. Oh well. Now that the trio is formed, we can get into the meat of things in the next chapter.


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Ch. 5: The Just Judge – Part 1 (10 pages)

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Hey. Here we are. We’ve finally officially introduced our much-anticipated third main character: Clara Larson. It’s good to be here. We hope you like her. Actually, I don’t think Jim feels that way. I think he wants you to hate her. As a writer, he’s pretty touchy about his characters, and the backlash against Victor has got him feeling grumpy. Don’t tell him I said that, though.

Sorry we don’t have a cover. We’re trying to catch up on that. I set up a cover gallery for our covers, but we only have three. Sorry. We’re trying to catch up. You should see ten pages next week, and then we’ll probably switch to posting one whole chapter every other week. Sorry for all the unreliability.

-Dean (running out of robot emoticons)

I’m currently trying to write chapter 7, and it’s pretty hard. Chapter 6 is looking pretty good, I think, but I don’t know what others will think. I always worry that I’ll wake up one day, and realize everything I’ve ever written is absolutely terrible, and I didn’t realize that. Maybe it’s true, and I’m deluded, in a dream that my writing is decent. Learning about how differently other people interpret the story can be disheartening, but I hope that they enjoy what they read. Well, either way, it doesn’t really matter as long as I improve. If you have any constructive criticism, that’d be helpful.
– Jim

Read the story thus far here.

Psycho Games #4: The Fool, part 2 (last five pages)

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After a long and unforgivable hiatus, we now present you with the exciting conclusion to chapter 4.

Do you want me to say anything else, or explain this? I know this is incomplete. I cannot justify myself with words. Things aren’t going smoothly right now. There’s still hope, though.

Well, it seems that things are going somewhere. There’s been a fight, Zed’s special powers, and the forming of the duo. Zed’s chapter was stylistically and narratively very different than Victor. Especially because we spent a ton of time on him moping around, talking to himself, and finding the badge. Victor’s chapter felt a bit more fast-paced to me. Though, so far, every chapter has ended in an action scene of some sort. I’m happy that Victor finally got a chance to really succeed, rather than constantly being saved by deus-ex-machina. However, Zed was the main character of this chapter, so the pattern continues of the main character being a wimp/loser. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to break out of this mold soon.

Psycho Games #4: The Fool, part 2 (first five pages)

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You can read the story thus far here.

I’m sorry for many things. I’m sorry to give this to you late, and I’m sorry there’s no cover yet. I’m also sorry, it’s just me, Dean, to present this to you today. Jim and Emma are very busy. This disappoints me much more than it disappoints you. I hope all of us can come through this together . . . it’s been a very chaotic week.

I like drawing bones.


Psycho Games: #3 The Fool – Part 1 (last five pages)

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Again, we end a chapter with the readers questioning: “Is Zed alive or is he dead?” I recently got my wisdom teeth out, so I’ve been more stupid than usual. Thus, I didn’t have the mental capacity to go back and revise much of this dialogue. I did, however, write the latter half of the next chapter, which according to my brother, is pretty good. When I’m working a chapter ahead, these chapters feel like old news to me as they’re being made. It makes me pretty impatient to get on with the rest of the story. I hope that does not cause the current stuff’s quality to be less than desirable. There’s a lot of cool stuff up and coming. I need to plan some more, but right now, I just want some rest.
– Jim (The Writer)

 photo Emmas Zed_zps5qr2iwt2.jpg
-Emma (The Letterer and Colorist)

As you can see, Emma doesn’t really like writing words so she just gave us this picture of “Zed.” He seems to be quite attractive. He certainly can’t be OUR Zed, can he? He must be the current Zed’s great-grandfather, who he was named after. I assume that, as Zed’s family line goes on, it goes from a very attractive son (the above Zed) to a more ugly son (our Zed). If you were to go back in time to before the pictured Zed, to one of his ancestors, they would probably be inconceivably beautiful. Similarly, if our Zed were to continue the line, his later descendants would probably be unspeakably ugly. Our Zed is somewhere in the middle. This Zed, is obviously much more towards the beautiful side. I hope this clears things up, for our readers, and for Emma.

-Dean (The Artist [of the comic, but not of the beautiful Zed])


Read the whole story thus far here.

Psycho Games: #3 The Fool – Part 1 (first five pages)

 photo ep3 cover_zpssj68pcx2.png

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 photo ep3 p5_zpscebg0phj.png

Hey. Work is slowing down. We’ll just be posting five pages a week now, because of work and college, et cetera. You probably won’t see anything more for a few weeks . . . Sorry. I hope you enjoyed these five pages, though. It was fun to be able to draw some more symbolic imagery again, after Pumpkin Man ended. Jim gave me a lot of freedom in those panels. I hope you like it. Zed’s is uncertain.

-Dean (The Artist)


Hi Pony (Emma) color

-Emma (The Letterer and Colorist)


I must say I’m much more satisfied with how things turned out with this chapter compared to the previous ones, although it’s only half done. It’s slower, but the art is really interesting and has a lot of cool effects, and I feel the writing is more engaging and interesting. I must say, I’m rather surprised about how much my co-workers dislike Victor.  I hope that soon they will begin to see his good qualities, inner strength, and personality in the upcoming chapters. Don’t count him out yet, guys! I’m equally surprised about the fact that they like Zed, even though I intended to depict him as a bully and a self-centered jerk. What do they see in him? There’s also the un-explainable popularity of the female character in a hoodie, whose face has only appeared in two panels. It’s not like anybody actually knows what she’s even like! I hope to understand sometime soon. Receiving feedback, even feedback I disagree with, is really valuable, even if it’s painful to take. Look forward to more of Victor, and who knows about what’s happening to Zed? Oh, and of course the much beloved girl-in-a-hoodie.

-Jim (The Writer)