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Hey! This site is for Dean and Jim Yockey to post their drawings, and games.
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What Happened to Psycho Games?

What Happened to Psycho Games?

It’s probably pretty obvious to everyone that Psycho Games seems to be on hiatus. At this point, you may be wondering if it’s going to continue at all. After all, it’s been four months since the last post.

The truth is, a lot has changed in the last four months, for both me and my brother. While it may sound like a hyperbole, I feel I am a different person now.

Both me and my brother have started on different projects. Initially, we meant to just put Psycho Games on hold for a short time to just work on some short term projects. It didn’t really work out as we expected.

Unfortunately, my blog hasn’t really been a high priority lately, especially with other social media being more convenient, and easier to work with. If you want to see some of what me and Jim have been up to lately, you should check out my Twitter account (https://twitter.com/deany_art), Jim’s (https://twitter.com/YockeyJim), my Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/deanyart/), and my NSFW Twitter account I started (https://twitter.com/deany_art_nsfw). Unfortunately, WordPress has kind of sunk down on my hierarchy of social media, especially since all these other options are more convenient.

But what about Psycho Games? The truth is, Psycho Games, as it is now, is probably over. There’s not going to be a chapter 25. There is, however, the possibility that we may reboot Psycho Games at some point. Both me and Jim really love the characters, but our skills have changed so much that we think it would be better to start from scratch. Even if we do decide to reboot Psycho Games, though, it probably won’t be too soon. Both me and Jim have been working on other projects. Maybe you’ll see them soon. If stuff goes well, we should finish a simple platformer game soon, and Jim will start his own comic, and I may start a lewd comic.

I’ve always viewed Psycho Games as “experimental.” It was always a place to try out new ideas, and to improve my skills as a writer, and Dean’s as an artist. Because of this, its quality hasn’t always been consistent, and its plot has meandered. There are many parts of Psycho Games that I am extremely proud of, but also, many things I would go back and change if I could. We started Psycho games about 3 years ago, and it reflected our skills and ideals at the time. After 3 years of experience with various projects, I realize now that we started Psycho Games quite hastily. I don’t regret that, but the lack of planning in some areas has caused problems. I’m fully confident that if we were to restart it now, with the experience we have now, I would put far more time and care into the plot and structure, as well as how the story concepts are introduced. I want to make the best comics I can make, and Psycho Games is weighed down by our past skill levels. If we do continue Psycho Games, perhaps as a re-boot, I want to give it a strong foundation that I can be proud of, and I want to do the characters and themes justice. I hope you’ll stick around to see what we have next. This is in no way an ending, but rather, it’s a beginning.
– Jim


Check out our latest Ludum Dare Game, “Samurai Zombie Girl”


Me and Jim recently participated in Ludum Dare 44. The theme was, “Your life is currency.”

Check out our game on Ludum Dare.

Check out our game on Itch.io.

The game was made in 72 hours, so it’s very, very unfinished, but we are both proud of a lot of the things we did with it.

Original characters (do not steal)

I realize it’s been over a month since the last Psycho Games chapter. In fact, it’s been 40 days and 40 nights, roughly. I promise I’ve been working on it! I only have one more page to go! Please believe me.

I started a full-time job, and, on most days, I don’t have enough time to draw for long, which is why stuff is so slow. I’m telling the truth! I really am!

So, I thought, since I’ve practically abandoned this poor blog, I should post something, just to prove that I’m still alive. So, here are a bunch of characters I drew, with biographies. I thought it would be good practice for art and writing, and character design, especially since I’ve been drawing the exact same characters for so long.

There are even more, and I might post them soon. Hopefully, you’ll see the new Psycho Games chapter soon, too.

Anyhow, please tell me who your favorite character is.

– Dean