Psycho Games Chapter 2: The Victorious One – Part 2 (10 pages)

14054923_511095009081675_2175121330938923662_n photo ep2 p1_zpsrlqytgft.png

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Sorry we’re late. Here’s chapter 2 of Psycho Games. It was a lot of work. I hope you enjoy it more than chapter 1.
Zed is a lot funner to draw than Victor. You’ll be seeing more of him in the next chapter. Please look forward to it. Read the whole story thus far here.

-Dean (The artist)

Hey Guys. It’s at points like this when I begin to see the errors and mistakes in my writing, and see stuff that can’t be fixed just by swapping out the text of word bubbles. It’s easy to think that a comic will work well if every individual panel is incredibly thought out, but in reality, that won’t help at all if it doesn’t work well as a whole. Actual plot and flow are much more important than minute details. When I look back on some of my favorite cartoons or comic books, they’re filled with small mistakes, but are enjoyable because all the good parts of them make up for that, like the plot, the humor, or the pacing. I suppose these first chapters were not as engaging as they could be, but the next one is already going to be better, and I plan on learning from my mistakes and lack of perspective and continue to strive toward making something truly interesting and engrossing. In the end, it’s pretty good that I’m seeing my mistakes 2 chapters in, and not 20. Prepare for many more exciting things to come.
-Jim (The Writer)

I lettered stuff. It wasn’t particularly hard. I colored stuff too. That was fun, but not particularly hard either. Jim and Dean are crazy. Not as mush as me, but still crazy.

Kumquats are cool. So is this comic.

Ponies are really awesome. This comic is as well.

Emus are absolutely amazing. This comic… well, it might not be as great as an emu, but you should read it anyway.

-Emma (The letterer and colorist)

Psycho Games Chapter 1: The Victorious One (part 1) – 10 pages

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 photo ep1 p10_zps0he62zsu.png

If you haven’t read the prologue, please read the whole story thus far here.

Hey. It’s here. It’s chapter 1 of our new comic! I am happy.
This comic has been a very new experience for me, on multiple levels. While I did work together with Jim on Klamert’s Village, working with Jim is still new to me. This time, I have to defer much more to his tastes. Obviously, the art is very different than what I’ve done before. Trying to draw characters in a more realistic and serious style has been hard, but I’ve also learned and improved a lot already. I know it might be a stretch to call it “realistic and serious,” but when you compare it to the absurd cartoonishness of my previous stuff, it’s quite the contrast. I’m sure you’re noticing the now much more readable text. That’s because we recently added a new team member. Not only did she do all of the lettering, but she also colored our cover illustration. We’re very happy to have her help. Now, I’ll hand it off to her to write some stuff . . .


     I have to write stuff? Fiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeee.
     Well, this week has been interesting. Decoding Dean and Jim’s spectacularly messy handwriting is hard. Coloring is fun though. For some reason, Jim is very talented in the art of distracting the three of us. Overall, this chapter has been a pretty fun experience.
     RIP Box Man 😭
     -Emma (The Letterer/Colorer Person who is apparently unable to spell)
Hello and good day, or something like that. Emma’s actually pretty nice, even if her note might suggest otherwise. Sadly everything she said about me and my brother is true. However, the guy’s name is officially Box BOY, not Box Man. Although I’m the writer, and this comic is supposed to my vision, this guy’s character design was not at all my idea (He was intended to be a throwaway character). You can thank Dean for creating this weirdo. Writing dialogue is a lot harder than you’d think. It never sounds right the first time you put it down, and always needs to be revised.  Also, even if it looks great on the script, that’s no guarantee it’ll work well on the comics page. Thus, I had to erase a lot of Dean’s word bubbles and re-write them myself. I’ve always hated introduction chapters, and I have trouble making them interesting. Hopefully, the plot will become much more exciting once it progresses further. I have a lot of exciting ideas for upcoming events, so be patient. We’ll get through this together. I hope to get much better at writing over the course of this comic.
– Jim
NOTE: Unfortunately, Chapter 2 will not be released next week, because we’re going on a 1-week hiatus. Look forward to Chapter 2 in 2 weeks.

Psycho Games: Prologue

 photo ep0 p1_zpsvar1zxfm.png

 photo ep0 p2_zpseyhuliyq.png

 photo ep0 p3_zpsw9rhiazo.png

 photo ep0 p4_zpsjnxxdoya.png

 photo ep0 p5_zpsmby46w5n.png

 photo ep0 p6_zpskes8qcqf.png

Woo! Psycho Games is finally beginning. If you haven’t been following Robot Souls Comics closely, now is the time to jump aboard. This new series is going to be filled with action, thrills, plot twists, and character development. I should know, I’m writing it. This prologue was pretty difficult for Dean, due in part to the rather incomplete nature of the script, which I am to blame for. It contains necessary story information, so it’s important that it got published, but the first chapter will definitely have higher quality. The script is already more thought-out, and Dean is quickly getting more used to the new style. We also may be getting someone with good handwriting to write in the word bubbles, which will probably also make the layouts more compact. It’s an exciting time for us, and hopefully an exciting time for you readers, too!
– Jim (The Writer)

Hey. I’m tired. It was good to get this done, but also, as Jim said, very difficult. As you can see, the art of this new series is very different in style than what I’ve previously worked on (except for panel 4 of page 5; that was my pleasure panel). That’s mainly due to Jim’s artistic tastes. I know a lot of it looks kind of wonky, but it’s sure to improve. This is a very new thing for all of us. I hope you’ve enjoyed and understood this small taste of what is to come. As Jim said, we may bring on another partner. “Good handwriting” is an understatement, though; we’re employing the help of a calligrapher, so you’ll finally be able to say goodbye to my crappy handwriting. Please look forward to all that.

-Dean (The Artist)


Psycho Games: Character Reference Sheets 2

 photo Clara Larson_zps5zztvrxv.png

 photo Mayor David Park_zps2lbxii09.png

Hey. Sorry to say, we’re still on hiatus. Here are some more character reference sheets to tide you over. As you can see, Clara’s design was changed, and we have a new character.

Hopefully we’ll have something you can actually read next week. Please have patience with us.


Psycho Games: Character Reference Sheets

 photo Victor Reed_zpset9cv5mx.png

 photo Zed Francis_zps3isrq4ox.png

 photo Clara Larson 1_zpschsyoyfw.png

Hey all! We thought we’d give you a sneak peak of our upcoming comic, “Psycho Games.” These are the unfinished reference sheets for the three main characters of the story. They’re a bit rough, but we were really excited about the designs and wanted to show you. If you look around, the theme of the site has changed in anticipation for our biggest project yet. The comic will probably begin in around two or three weeks, in order to give us time to prepare and because of a mission trip.

In the meantime, we hope you look at these drawings and try to figure what sort of comic it’s going to be.

-Jim (The Writer)

These were a labor of love to create. Especially Clara. She’s really hard to draw.

-Dean (The Artist)

Pumpkin Man: THE END

 photo The End_zpscekocvev.png

Pumpkin Man is over. If you think you’re missing something, read the last post.

I’m glad to have gotten here. After this, I may go back and redo some of those old pages in my current style, to remove the inconsistencies, and maybe make a better introduction.

I hope you’re looking forward to our next comic.


Read Pumpkin Man

P.S.: The header and color and font have been changed to celebrate this event!
\(• ◡ •)/

Pumpkin Man: Pumpkin Heaven Pages 47 -53 (THE END)

 photo ep11 p47_zpsw12b3qzl.png

 photo ep11 p48_zpstuobq1mw.png

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 photo ep11 p51_zpsi0otx3ki.png

 photo 68542f08-c054-4b3c-83ce-f8092f55c7b1_zpstf7uuulv.png

 photo ep11 p53_zpsotqtxw0h.png

This is it. The very end. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. I would love to hear what you think.


Hey, hey hey. What a great ending. It’s been around 2 years and 280-something pages. I hope by now that you have all converted to Pumpkinism. Be ready for our upcoming series, which is going to be super amazing. You can see prototypes of its three main characters in the bottom-right corner. The quality of the work on this site will keep increasing steadily, so don’t leave just because Pumpkin Man is over.  The next series will be more complicated, more interesting, and more exciting, we hope. It’ll probably appear in 2-3 weeks. Thanks for reading.

Read the last chapter.