Monthly Archives: August 2014

Color Wheel – The Game

Me and my brother worked on making a game for Ludum Dare 30, the 72 hour game making contest. The game we made is called color wheel. The Ludum Dare page is here. The page on Robot Souls Games is here.

As you can see, it features Pumpkin Man from my earlier comic. It was also going to feature more characters from my comics (Stray Robot can be found in the sprites folder) but we didn’t have time to add more. When version 2 comes out, it will have more of my characters.

We hope you enjoy it!

– Dean


The Artist

Forgive me if the handwriting is too difficult to read. Some people may be offended, due to the similarities between this and the creation/evolution debates, but I hope you can enjoy this as simply the interaction between an artist and his art.

This is my first two-page comic. Longer comics will be put in pdfs.

– Dean Yockey