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Shadow Wide – Pages 1 – 3 finished

It's burning!

I finished 3 pages of my 13-panel comic, Shadow Wide. It’s kind of low quality compared to everything else. I drew all of the pencilled art in under 12 hours, so it will be a bit sloppy.
It’s obviously taking me much longer than that to finish the pages on the computer.

I don’t have the cover yet.

It’s a fantasy series, somewhat inspired by the NES classic, The Legend of Zelda.

Like the Pumpkin Man series, which I talked about in the previous post, it has its own page.



Resurrected Pumpkin – Page 1 finished

I finished page one of episode two of the Pumpkin Man series. You can find it on the new page dedicated to the series. I’m sorry I don’t have a whole comic to post, but now that school has started up, I don’t have as much time to work on my comics. I’ll have to post one page at a time for a while. Please bear with me. Sorry that I only show one panel from the page, but I want people to go to the page, just in case they haven’t read the previous pages (I wouldn’t want people to read it out of order).

While you are reading it, please listen to either very somber music, or very goofy music.


Game of Consequences

Sorry that this next comic is not the next episode of “Super Pumpkin.” Episode two was longer than I expected, so I haven’t finished it yet.

This comic came about when my brother asked me to draw a picture of him playing video games. This is what I came up with. It’s not my favorite comic so far, but it’s all I have.

Have video games ever ruined your life?