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Resurrected Pumpkin – Page 3 finished

Page three is finished. Remember, this isn’t the actual page, but just an excerpt from the page. Click on the picture to read the actual comic. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been more than a week since my last post. I guess I’m back on track. I drew this page a bit faster than the previous ones. Click on the image to go to the page where you can read it. Sorry that you have to scroll down. I could just post a whole page instead of a panel, but I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t read everything before it yet.

Please don’t like this post if you’re not going to read the actual comic.




Shadow Wide – Page 4 finished

Father: "No there's still time. Even the princess can't easily consume our sun."

Here’s page four. Now the introduction ends, and the main part of the story is about to start. I’ll probably work on the next page of “Resurrected Pumpkin” next. My brother kept critiquing my art, and telling me what to change, and he doesn’t quite approve of the current state of this page.


Three SAT Illustrations

An unhappy face in the middle of SAT test papers

Student taking the SAT test in a dark room while zombie hands arise from the ground and the grim reaper stands behind him

Successful student levitating while other students take the SAT test

Unfortunately, I’m not posting a comic this time, but three illustrations I did for a school project. Another page of Shadow Wide is on its way. The pictures were made to fill space on a brochure I made about the SAT test. I’ve never taken the test, but these are my impressions of it.

If you want, you can read it in sequence as if it were a comic:
Picture 1: Student experiences the terror and confusion of the test.
Picture 2: Student undergoes stress and is near death.
Picture 3: Student overcomes all odds and becomes successful. He learns to levitate.


Resurrected Pumpkin – Page 2 finished

Here comes page two! Click this link, or the picture, to go to the page. You’ll have to scroll down.

Sorry that it’s taken so long for page two. The actual drawing didn’t take too long, but I just had trouble finding time and focus to work on it.

I spent an hour on the panel above, since I redrew the gun and the background. I didn’t put that amount of work into the other panels, though.

I have the most trouble drawing Lloyd (the boy). Although he’s simpler than the terrorists, he’s less geometric, making it hard to keep him consistent looking.

Please enjoy.