Resurrected Pumpkin Page 4

Hello. Here is Page 4 of the second chapter of the Pumpkin Man series. It’s twice as long as chapter one so far, and I’ll probably end chapter 2 on the next page. You can read the story thus far here.

Sorry if the terrorists aren’t always drawn the same way. Consistency is still hard for me. As you can see, this page has multiple pure-black backgrounds, instead of shaded ones. While it may seem like trivia to some, I feel like these black backgrounds are a staple of the series, compared to Shadow Wide, which has a lot of shading.

This page also has a lot of subject switching and close-ups, so it feels almost like a manga to me, except the characters are bearded men instead of pretty-boys. This page’s layout feels a bit too squeezed to me. I’ve often felt the need to loosen up in my layouts.

This page ends in a smash. The pumpkin the terrorist broke earlier went smash, too. It must have been an expensive pumpkin.



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