Monthly Archives: December 2014

Resurrected Pumpkin Page 5

Resurrected Pumpkin page 5 is finished. This is the final page of this chapter. You can read the story thus far here.

This chapter ends a lot like chapter 1 did. I might make a new chapter to go between “Super Pumpkin” and “Resurrected Pumpkin” to create a lull in the story.

This page was easy to do. Obviously, it didn’t take me long. It’s only been 2 days. I was busy yesterday, too.

It’s sad that it took me this long to finish chapter 2, though. This is still the beginning of the story. I have a lot planned for the future.



Shadow Wide Page 6

Shadow Wide page 6 is finished. You can read the story thus far here.

Notice that the forest looks different between the top three panels and the rest of the panels. I got tired of drawing every tree, so I adopted this simple silhouette style of drawing trees. I don’t know if you’ll like it or not, but it will help things go faster.

My last post was 21 days ago. Wow. I’ve been busy lately. I spent time I could have used to draw  comics to instead plan a D&D scenario. Do you feel cheated?

I now have a cool header at the top. It makes my site look more professional, right?