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Shadow Wide page 11

Greetings. Shadow Wide page 11 has been finished. You can read the story thus far here or by clicking on the image.

I know I was supposed to finish this yesterday. I don’t have any good excuses, either. After posting that illustration last week, I had even more time to work on this page, so I got ahead, then I procrastinated a few days. This should be a lesson to you all: don’t procrastinate. Never let this tragedy be repeated.

Sorry about the low quality art in some of the panels. I was kind of rushed.

What do you think about those demons? They actually look a lot like ants.



Random Illustration

Hello. I know I’m supposed to be posting another page of Shadow Wide, but I’ve been too busy this week to finish page 11.

So here I am posting this illustration, just because I feel the need to post something. I’m not sure if it can really be called an “illustration,” though, it’s more of just a giant doodle. I drew it back on the 24th of February with a ball point pen on printer paper, and I decided to save it for a time like this when I couldn’t finish a page on time.

So there you have it. Please note that this drawing has absolutely no intended meaning.


Shadow Wide Page 10

Shadow Wide page 10 is complete! You can read the story thus far here, or by clicking on the image.

I’ve started using a thinner brush (1 pixel instead of 2) for the shading (I also used it for sunlight).

It’s been a while since I did anything on Pumpkin Man. I’ll get to that after I’m done with this.

The story is nearing the end. After I finish it, I’ll have to make the cover. I might also go back and edit some of the earlier pages.


Shadow Wide Page 9

Shadow Wide page 9 is done! You can read the story thus far here, or by clicking on the image.

This page was actually very heavily revised, and it’s very different from the original penciled sketch. Click on this link to see it. Lame, right? I just had to change it. Why’d I show you that, anyway?

Sorry if sudden increase in blood and violence offends some of you. On my about page, I did say “I hope to create quality comics that can be enjoyed by everyone,” so I actually do want to make my comics appropriate for children, but it’s very difficult to tone down violence without losing the seriousness of it. It takes a lot of restraint and creativity to make an action comic that depicts violence in a more appropriate manner, and I don’t have that restraint or creativity yet.

By the way, at the last minute, I added those grey trees. It’s sort of against my ideals to use grey in Shadow Wide, but in the original version, which can be viewed on Photobucket, it looked like they were out in the open, which is a problem since the sun is deadly, so I added the forest background since they’re still under the trees, but I made it grey because I didn’t want the background to clash with the figures.

Please continue reading and enjoying my comics, and please give me your thoughts.