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Pumpkin Man: Cyborg Pumpkin page 9, 10, and 11

Here are the last three pages of Cyborg Pumpkin. You can read the story thus far here, or jump to the start of episode 4 by clicking on any of the images.

Even when he is dead, Pumpkin Man still protects Lloyd. This ordeal certainly must have matured Lloyd in many ways (I hope).

How big do you think the cyborg actually is compared to Lloyd?

Where do you think the cyborg went? Where is his home?


P.S. I posted three pages today because I was too lazy to post them all earlier, not because I did all of them in one day. Page 10 was actually completely redrawn. You can see the older, lamer version here. Sorry for switching coloring tools in the middle, but Lloyd was looking a little too dark. My brother said he looked like a demon.


Pumpkin Man: Cyborg Pumpkin page 8

I’m sorry, but this had to happen. In all sincerity, this is not just a story about pumpkins. This is also a story about blood.

Can you tell me this: how is this different than all the other times Pumpkin Man has died? Do you think he will come back again?

Can you tell what object the Cyborg is throwing?

If you missed page 7, go read it.


I feel very strange right now.

Pumpkin Man: Cyborg Pumpkin page 5

Here’s page 5 (and 4, in the last post I did a few minutes ago) of Cyborg Pumpkin. You can read the story thus far here, or by clicking on the image (if you click the link, you’ll go to page 1 of Super Pumpkin, but clicking the image will send you to the first page of Cyborg Pumpkin).

A new player has entered the story, and he can fire laser beams! I always thought the story needed more laser beams!

I just did two pages in one day! The previous page is in the previous post. I know what you’re thinking . . . if I can make two pages in one day, how come I don’t do it every day, and how come I don’t post on Mondays or weekends?

The truth is: I’m lazy that way. Sorry I can’t give you a better answer like “I’m busy those days.”

I hope the story isn’t scaring you too much.


Pumpkin Man: Cyborg Pumpkin page 3

Hello. Here’s page 3 of Cyborg Pumpkin. You can read the story thus far here, or by clicking on the image.

I think this is chapter four of pumpkin man . . . right?

In this page, Lloyd once again shows how devoted he is to pumpkins, and he’s willing to take a stand for what he thinks is right.

These pages have been very text-heavy lately. That makes me sad. The exciting stuff is yet to come. Just wait a page or two.

Sorry for not posting on Wednesday. I’ll try to make it up . . . eventually. I hope to eventually be able to get four pages done every weekday. That would mean I would be keeping up with the weekly manga that have about 20 pages per chapter per week, and I’d be going about four times as fast as those american comics that only have about 22 pages a month.

Well, first I need to actually consistently reach 5 pages a week, and then maybe I’ll try to get two pages per day . . . this is turning out to be more of a journal entry than a post, right?

If you want to be entertained, read the comic I post. If you want to be bored, read what I write under the comic.

That’s it.