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Charge Attack July 2015 Prototype


I told you about this a while ago, didn’t I?

This is the fighting game I’ve been working on with my brother. It’s in a very crude form, but please download it and send us your comments. I would appreciate that.

Download Charge Attack from Dropbox


This is probably the last post you’ll see from me for about a week and a half. 😦


Pumpkin Man: The Dark Pumpkin pages 3 and 4


This dream sequence is filling in a bunch of plot holes, but also creating a few new ones like, “how did the Cyborg Pumpkin get to the capitol so fast?” “Where did the ‘capitol of the world’ come from?” and “Why is Lloyd’s father working for the Cyborg Pumpkin?”

Oh well.

Does this all make sense?

Would you be on the side of Pumpkin Man, or on the side of the Dark Pumpkin (aka the Cyborg Pumpkin)?



Pumpkin Man: The Dark Pumpkin pages 1 and 2

Here are the first two pages of the next chapter.

This is Lloyd’s second dream. What do you think of those weird backgrounds?

Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been doing summer school. Both of these pages were drawn during class. Sorry for the mediocre quality.