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Pumpkin Man: Transformations pages 8, 9, and 10

Pumpkin Man has arrived. It looks like he’s too bright for the Cyborg (which must be why it’s melting).

When his followers see him, they bow down and worship him. Is that extreme?

I hope this makes sense.

I only drew three pages, since I’ve been busy with the fighting game, and I’ve been looking for work.

There have been a lot of system changes to the fighting game. I don’t know when my brother will let us release another prototype, though . . .



Pumpkin Man: Transformations pages 5, 6, and 7 colored

Here’s some (rather appropriate) sappy music to go with your sappy comics. Did I mention that I like sappy things?

All I can say is that’s the most work I’ve ever put into panel borders. I hope this is all sufficiently beautiful.

However, doesn’t this seem just like the worst thing that could happen? Think about the suffering.


Pumpkin Man: Transformations pages 1, 2, 3, and 4

This is the start of a new chapter. Click one of the images to jump to the chapter on the Pumpkin Man Series page. I wasn’t initially going to start a new chapter, but “The Dark Pumpkin” was getting so long that I thought I should start a new chapter.

Poor Lloyd. He suffers so much.
– Dean
\[ – – ]/

Despite the somewhat slow speed of drawing and publishing pages, if you read through the story from the beginning, it actually moves very fast. This is probably because of the inspiration of the fast and action-packed Astro Boy. Try reading it from the beginning again. It gives a different perspective on the story, and also, it’s just a fun story to read over and over.
– Jim