Klamerts’s Village: Pages 8-13

 photo Page 8_zpsklffdkkc.png

 photo Page 9_zps81hvmsio.png

 photo Page 10_zpsj4gxtpk7.png

 photo Page 11_zps34vqns1e.png

 photo Page 12_zpsihp7nuzk.png

 photo Page 13_zpsdw4uznie.png

Here’s the second part of the story. Sorry, no Pumpkin Man this week. It’s harder to work now that school has started up, even though I haven’t been going to school.

Anyway, we’ve got two new characters. I hope you enjoy it.


Hello again. The premise of this story is seeming weirder and weirder the more I think about it. War-deserters, sentient robots, and kidnapping aren’t normally put together like this. If you’ve been keeping up with the comics on this site, though, you’re probably used to seeing stories from a different perspective, with fanatical pumpkin cult members as main characters in Pumpkin Man and an evil sun as the conflict in Shadow Wide. Actually, for Robot Souls Comics, this story isn’t terribly unusual, but I hope you find it enjoyable and engrossing, as I’ve found all of the previous stories that my brother has written himself.

– Jim


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