Klamert’s Village: Pages 14-17

 photo Page 14_zpsjpdtgivn.png

 photo Page 15_zpsjufhn5xf.png

 photo Page 16_zpszehui5ui.png

 photo Page 17_zpseyfqwzhz.png

Here’s your cartoons for this week. Don’t eat them all at once.

Sorry, but this is it. I will try to work harder, like a good cartoon character.


It looks like the robots have mostly succeeded in their mission, but not without resistance. There isn’t much that the villagers can do to fight against the robots. But who knows what they will be driven to do now that some of their daughters have been taken. How long is Klamert going to be able to keep taking from the village without something bad happening to him?

If these pages aren’t coming fast enough, you can blame me for being lazy, and not making sure that work is being done. I hope that things will start moving at a more desirable pace soon.

Have a nice Day.

– Jim


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