Klamert’s Village pages 28 – 37

Page 28

Page 29Page 30Page 31Page 32Page 33Page 34Page 35Page 36Page 37

Here are the next ten pages. I hope you enjoy it.

Things are sure getting intense. It’s good to see Theta and Gamma again.


At around page 32 I switched from writing general scripts to actually composing a panel-by-panel storyboard. This may create a weird transition in the style, but it’s also become much closer to how I envisioned it being (for better or for worse). The storyboards I made have individual panels with dialogue, images, and descriptions, but the interpretation is still up to Dean and so is the layout. He still alters dialogue and flow when it’ll change it for the better, but much less gets altered than when we were using the the general scripts. Dean’s a pretty seasoned comic artist by now, but I’m still getting the hang of it, so bear with me.
– Jim


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