Klamert’s Village Pages 38 – 47

 photo Page 38_zpsajlp8iwn.png
 photo Page 39_zpsifk8jucj.png
 photo Page 40_zpsbmaautq2.png
 photo Page 41_zpswvl6m2hv.png
 photo Page 42_zpslcwx6vc2.png
 photo Page 43_zps0s9jtieq.png
 photo Page 44_zpsizsrjnch.png
 photo Page 45_zpssxptrx5b.png
 photo Page 46_zps9qisezrw.png
 photo Page 47_zpsmzz9pliq.png

Thank you for reading thus far. This week was a difficult one. Seven separate panels had to be completely redrawn. Most of the conflicts have been mostly resolved, but there’s still a little bit of drama left. I hope you liked the violence and the explosion.


The story is now coming close to the conclusion. I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as we have. But it isn’t over yet, and there’s still a bit of story left. I’ve been told that the pacing of these later pages is a bit slow, and that’s probably my fault. I’m really still getting used to writing the script for a comic. With Beta’s shape, size, and the antenna on his head, making him into a bomb robot made sense to me. I wonder what the other robots’ types are. Although a better doctor might have been able to save Klamert’s leg, I think it was realistic that a doctor of a small village wouldn’t be able to do much other than chop it off. Though Klamert looks a lot better now. Like him or hate him, he’s central to the story. It is called “Klamert’s Village” after all. See ya later.


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