Pumpkin Man: The Seven Demons pages 11 – 20

 photo ep9 p11_zpsiyrrmgax.png

 photo ep9 p12_zpsr48b12gn.png

 photo ep9 p13_zpsnwnvemgd.png

 photo ep9 p14_zps9krfdguo.png

 photo ep9 p15_zpssdvzymf1.png

 photo ep9 p16_zpswipotr5k.png

 photo ep9 p17_zpsjqdlkqst.png

 photo ep9 p18_zpsbzmas1zo.png

 photo ep9 p19_zps2tz6vmjx.png

 photo ep9 p20_zpsksnzo49z.png

Pumpkin Man is back. I hope you enjoyed Klamert’s village. It’s been a bit since I did much Pumpkin Man. How do you like the latest developments? I would love to hear from you.

Page 20 underwent some last minute changes, so if the layout seems different, that’s because the original content of it was different, and I actually changed the story flow after drawing the panel borders.

Crane seems to be getting the spotlight for now, but will he survive it? Stay tuned.

. . . I sure hope this all makes some sort of sense to you guys.


Hey. Now that Klamert’s Village is over, I won’t have anything to do with the comics here until Pumpkin Man is finished. This is because Pumpkin Man is made solely by Dean, and it’s his story. But, if you enjoyed Klamert’s Village, you can look forward to another story written by me once Pumpkin Man is over. I’ve already planned it out a bit, and it’ll certainly be more thought-out than Klamert’s Village, and it’ll be longer, with a more complex plot. It might run to around 150 pages, but I can’t be sure. I hope you’ll enjoy what’s in store, and enjoy Pumpkin Man in its latter chapters.
– Jim


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