Pumpkin Man: The Seven Demons pages 21 – 30

 photo ep9 p21_zpsuk1lmpea.png

 photo ep9 p22_zps2bxe6983.png

 photo ep9 p23_zpsr8iyiwwn.png

 photo ep9 p24_zpstey2yike.png

 photo ep9 p25_zpsglffp2yd.png

 photo ep9 p26_zps4kgjdjz0.png

 photo ep9 p27_zpsix6vxijz.png

 photo ep9 p28_zpstjog2wkb.png

 photo ep9 p29_zpskykusnbf.png

 photo ep9 p30_zpsysdctorf.png

Here’s the next ten pages. This week was a tough one. I had to do a lot of stuff at the last minute.

Crane is battling the demon of Wrath. What does that mean to you?

Things have been violent lately. I hope it’s not too dark and gritty. Seeing how dark the story’s been lately, I’m going to try to tilt it back toward the more idealistic end of the spectrum.

Have fun!


P.S. Does page 30 make any sense to you?


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