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Pumpkin Man: Old Ones pages 18 – 27

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Hello. I hope you enjoy the pumpkin with a face. I hope you enjoyed that last page.

Bekah isn’t even old enough to talk, and yet she is given good clothes, and treated with importance. I wonder why this is. What is her background? I’ll probably never know.

Those two boys are too poor to afford shirts.

It’s been a rather slow ten pages, and also perhaps a bit weaker than usual. I’m going to try to sleep better, so I can draw better.


Read Pumpkin Man: Old Ones.


Pumpkin Man: Old Ones pages 8 – 17 (post #100!)

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Apparently this is my hundredth post. I probably would have gotten here sooner by just posting each  page or two individually, but I’m here. I guess it’s a milestone.

Hey. It continues. Here’s the continuation.

I hope you are enjoying this. The old people sure seem to contrast the baby and the little children. It’s rather interesting.

Zoe is turning out to be a lot more evil than before. She doesn’t seem to show any remorse. It’s good to see these characters getting more developed.


Read the chapter here.

Pumpkin Man: The Seven Demons pages 31 – 40

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Sorry for how late this is. I was busy playing Lego Star Wars again.

Anyways, Crane is kind of an idiot. It’s good to see Peter again, even if he’s a ghost now.

When a ghost tells you “see you soon,” how does it make you feel?

Bye bye.