Pumpkin Man: The Seven Demons pages 31 – 40

 photo ep9 p31_zpse5rxokku.png

 photo ep9 p32_zpsfjgdqk3n.png

 photo ep9 p33_zpsbha4qn4t.png

 photo ep9 p34_zpshzwzjlrs.png

 photo ep9 p35_zpsjtkqq6om.png

 photo ep9 p36_zpsvz7xkadc.png

 photo ep9 p37_zpslo02r8qh.png

 photo ep9 p38_zpsv4unvnun.png

 photo ep9 p39_zpspd1qxlmb.png

 photo ep9 p40_zps0ptiecgd.png

Sorry for how late this is. I was busy playing Lego Star Wars again.

Anyways, Crane is kind of an idiot. It’s good to see Peter again, even if he’s a ghost now.

When a ghost tells you “see you soon,” how does it make you feel?

Bye bye.



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