Pumpkin Man: Old Ones pages 8 – 17 (post #100!)

 photo ep10 p8_zps4mktcpdr.png

 photo ep10 p9_zps4jotnmwx.png

 photo ep10 p10_zpsmyg1pgn1.png

 photo ep10 p11_zpsarak73ui.png

 photo ep10 p12_zpsthnifgt1.png

 photo ep10 p13_zpsezhuzvxc.png

 photo ep10 p14_zpsntavaqcq.png

 photo ep10 p15_zpsmvfydgym.png

 photo ep10 p16_zpsmrrjip1g.png

 photo ep10 p17_zpsraxapsyr.png

Apparently this is my hundredth post. I probably would have gotten here sooner by just posting each  page or two individually, but I’m here. I guess it’s a milestone.

Hey. It continues. Here’s the continuation.

I hope you are enjoying this. The old people sure seem to contrast the baby and the little children. It’s rather interesting.

Zoe is turning out to be a lot more evil than before. She doesn’t seem to show any remorse. It’s good to see these characters getting more developed.


Read the chapter here.


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