Pumpkin Man: Old Ones pages 18 – 27

 photo ep10 p18_zpsk56jpoky.png

 photo ep10 p19_zpszmm2lfwl.png

 photo ep10 p20_zpswg2sxmsu.png

 photo ep10 p21_zpsvcvgrsve.png

 photo ep10 p22_zpsf4ehukgm.png

 photo ep10 p23_zpsewlt4h7m.png

 photo ep10 p24_zpsng5edncv.png

 photo ep10 p25_zpst37hto5g.png

 photo ep10 p26_zps8e71nfjt.png

 photo ep10 p27_zpsjyimfkjg.png

Hello. I hope you enjoy the pumpkin with a face. I hope you enjoyed that last page.

Bekah isn’t even old enough to talk, and yet she is given good clothes, and treated with importance. I wonder why this is. What is her background? I’ll probably never know.

Those two boys are too poor to afford shirts.

It’s been a rather slow ten pages, and also perhaps a bit weaker than usual. I’m going to try to sleep better, so I can draw better.


Read Pumpkin Man: Old Ones.


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Man: Old Ones pages 18 – 27

  1. William

    While I am still enjoying the story quite a bit, I admit it’s a little hard for me to tell all the kids apart. (Didn’t even realize they were all kids until you said!) Still, that’s probably just because you have so many characters, all with their own importance to the plot. I may have to go back and read through the archives!

    1. robotsoulscomics Post author

      Thank you for reading. I understand what you mean, when you say it’s hard to tell them apart. Most of them are drawn a bit too similarly. Most characters have very similar features, with just the hair and clothes being different. I do need a lot more variety in character design. I guess I’ve been drawing them all the same because it’s easy to do and it looks good to me. I guess I’m a bit too lazy.

      I set up a page (Pumpkin Man Series) for the entire thing, and it’s even got little links for each chapter. I hope that is a convenient way to read it.

      Thank you for commenting!


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