Pumpkin Man: Old Ones pages 28 – 37

 photo ep10 p28_zpspokdunu6.png

 photo ep10 p29_zpshhtfyqa5.png

 photo ep10 p30_zpsgpjuafjt.png

 photo ep10 p31_zps6p1kwgup.png

 photo ep10 p32_zps1wy6rp0s.png

 photo ep10 p33_zpsvjnjrup8.png

 photo ep10 p34_zps4jsc8ee8.png

 photo ep10 p35_zpsco4kyzmh.png

 photo ep10 p36_zpsur0le7x7.png

 photo ep10 p37_zpswwb2dyxz.png

This whole affair is becoming rather dangerous. Aster probably could have ran off and been safe, but instead he decided to stay and fight. Will this cost him his life?

I hope you like money, and I hope you like this comic.

Have a nice day.


Read Pumpkin Man: Old Ones.


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