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Pumpkin Man: Pumpkin Heaven pages 26 – 30

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Hello again.


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Pumpkin Man: Pumpkin Heaven pages 21 – 25

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Well, this is a rather violent and shocking turn of events. Of course, I guess young people like me are destined to create overly dark and violent stories.

I hope you’re enjoying it, though . . . but I wonder what that says about you if you do . . .


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Pumpkin Man: Pumpkin Heaven pages 11 -15

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I guess the first thing I’m obligated to do here is apologize, or at least that’s what seems right to me, but am I really obligated to apologize to you? I guess I made a sort of contract with you, that I would draw ten pages a week and post them on Sunday. And now, I have gone and not done that.

However serious that sounds, though, I’m not actually sorry. At least,  not that sorry. Y’see, I can explain.

Since last week, I’ve started working. This has made me busier than ever before. The only time I’ve had to draw comics is on the bus to and from work. That accounts for why there are only five pages. “Well then, explain why you posted on Monday, then.” You say. I, uh well . . . oh, look at the time. I’ve got to go.


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I wonder how come those soldiers can throw lightning bolts . . .

Pumpkin Man: Pumpkin Heaven pages 1-10

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This is the beginning of the final chapter. Things are starting to move quickly. I wonder who will survive the final battle . . .

Honestly, though,  it’s hard to take the army seriously. They seem like some sort of army of identical rock stars or something. It’s not exactly what I envisioned . . . too bad.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the story. The end is near. I’d love to hear your feedback.


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