Ch. 5: The Just Judge – Part 1 (10 pages)

 photo ch5 p1_zps4ufn2akl.png

 photo ch5 p2_zpsd4rev8au.png

 photo ch5 p3_zpsuugucoqu.png

 photo ch5 p4_zps4n0djrrq.png

 photo ch5 p5_zpskkxlynsx.png

 photo ch5 p6_zpsdhckncsf.png

 photo ch5 p7_zps5aeddsef.png

 photo ch5 p8_zpstzkuhvqk.png

 photo ch5 p9_zpscvwustfd.png

 photo ch5 p10_zps4nc7jhap.png

Hey. Here we are. We’ve finally officially introduced our much-anticipated third main character: Clara Larson. It’s good to be here. We hope you like her. Actually, I don’t think Jim feels that way. I think he wants you to hate her. As a writer, he’s pretty touchy about his characters, and the backlash against Victor has got him feeling grumpy. Don’t tell him I said that, though.

Sorry we don’t have a cover. We’re trying to catch up on that. I set up a cover gallery for our covers, but we only have three. Sorry. We’re trying to catch up. You should see ten pages next week, and then we’ll probably switch to posting one whole chapter every other week. Sorry for all the unreliability.

-Dean (running out of robot emoticons)

I’m currently trying to write chapter 7, and it’s pretty hard. Chapter 6 is looking pretty good, I think, but I don’t know what others will think. I always worry that I’ll wake up one day, and realize everything I’ve ever written is absolutely terrible, and I didn’t realize that. Maybe it’s true, and I’m deluded, in a dream that my writing is decent. Learning about how differently other people interpret the story can be disheartening, but I hope that they enjoy what they read. Well, either way, it doesn’t really matter as long as I improve. If you have any constructive criticism, that’d be helpful.
– Jim

Read the story thus far here.


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