Welcome to Robot Souls Comics!

Click the following links to read our comics in their entirety, and in the right order.
Current Series:
Psycho Games.
Finished Series:
* Pumpkin Man.
* Klamert’s Village.
* Shadow Wide.

We have a Patreon, so give us some money if you’d like. We put a lot of work into our comics.
We also have a facebook page.
For more details, click “Continue Reading.”

Psycho Games.  Victor, Zed, and Clara compete in a town-wide contest involving stealing badges. But all is not as it seems, and violence and supernatural phenomenon quickly explode onto the scene. It has a neat cover gallery, with colors by Emu.

* Pumpkin Man. Lloyd Lloyd begins a cult in honor of the God-like Pumpkin Man, and is persecuted by the pumpkin-hating terrorist group, the Orange Code, and the demonic Cyborg Pumpkin. There ain’t anything out there like this comic. Read it.

* Klamert’s Village. Klamert, a military deserter, and his robotic cohorts have taken control of a village. One of his robots, Alpha, faces a dilemma, in either serving his master or doing what’s right.

* Shadow Wide. An evil king uses a magic spell to curse the sun, and kill all life it shines upon. Peter, a boy living in a cavern kingdom, must save his kingdom’s princess from the king and heal the sun. Pretty short.
We made a few small games for Ludum Dare, a game jam. They’re kind of old.

We generally post new pages of comics to the blog every week or two.

Robot Souls Comics was created out of the combined efforts of Dean Yockey (Artist) and Jim Yockey (Writer) with help from others. Learn more about us on our about page.

Feel free to comment or contact us.


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