Psycho Games Ch. 7: The Spirits of Despair and Destruction – Part 1 (first five pages)

 photo ch 7 p1_zpsdb6nhsfq.png

 photo ch 7 p2_zpsluqcd9nl.png

 photo ch 7 p3_zps9owsjcfr.png

 photo ch 7 p4_zps2wp7ykod.png

 photo ch 7 p5_zpsmg2jqyuj.png

I must apologize. I know Victor has done many terrible things, but most of them can be forgiven . . . but Hawaiian Pizza? Everyone knows pineapples don’t belong on pizza. If he wanted fruit, he could have ordered a (less sinful) grape pizza.

By the way, of all the Pizzas listed (supreme, Hawaiian, grape, sardine, emu, kumquat, sausage) which is arguably the best?


Who doesn’t like moral dilemmas? Victor must win, but he also must do what he thinks is right. What is there to do in a situation like this?

I’m thinking of experimenting with the scripting. I’m using a panel-by-panel structure, but I’m worried it doesn’t let the artist (Dean) pace and frame things how he sees fit. As the writer, I know what I want out of the plot, but that doesn’t mean I know what’ll look good on the page. Thus, I might use more of a summary-type script in the next few chapters. Let’s see how it goes.



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