Psycho Games Chapter 10: The Dead Sleep Better, part 2

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Note: It’s “The Dead Sleep Better,” not “The Sleep Dead Better.” Dean always goes overboard when I create throwaway characters, I think he makes them more interesting visually than the main characters!
SPOILER: In fact, this even influenced me to spare one of their lives (I planned to kill both of them.)
This episode was decidedly darker and grittier than previous chapters. The fact that it’s at night only emphasizes this fact. These chapters always seem to read MUCH faster than I imagined when writing them, so it might be a little confusing at first. Next chapter is going to be sloooooooow. . .
Also: I’ve been reading the European comic Corto Maltese lately. It’s a fantastic read, and is carried almost entirely by the dialogue (and it has absolutely cardboard action scenes). It really makes me want to improve my dialogue further. Half of my sentences seem to start with “Well.” Well, I’m gonna try an’ improve that.

-Jim (Writer)


Happy new year! Hope you all had a merry Christmas! I got a Lego set . . .
Despite the holiday chaos, we’re keeping up, at one chapter every fortnight. I’ve always tried to speed things up, but it’s hard when I’ve also got a real job . . .
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this darker and grittier chapter. I sure went to town with my black crayon and sharpie. Hope it’s good enough for you.

-Dean (artist)


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