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Psycho Games 22: The Condemned – part 3

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Everybody dies, but can one death be called more tragic than another, or are all deaths, and all lives, really equal?


Original characters (do not steal)

I realize it’s been over a month since the last Psycho Games chapter. In fact, it’s been 40 days and 40 nights, roughly. I promise I’ve been working on it! I only have one more page to go! Please believe me.

I started a full-time job, and, on most days, I don’t have enough time to draw for long, which is why stuff is so slow. I’m telling the truth! I really am!

So, I thought, since I’ve practically abandoned this poor blog, I should post something, just to prove that I’m still alive. So, here are a bunch of characters I drew, with biographies. I thought it would be good practice for art and writing, and character design, especially since I’ve been drawing the exact same characters for so long.

There are even more, and I might post them soon. Hopefully, you’ll see the new Psycho Games chapter soon, too.

Anyhow, please tell me who your favorite character is.

– Dean