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Check out our latest Ludum Dare Game, “Samurai Zombie Girl”


Me and Jim recently participated in Ludum Dare 44. The theme was, “Your life is currency.”

Check out our game on Ludum Dare.

Check out our game on

The game was made in 72 hours, so it’s very, very unfinished, but we are both proud of a lot of the things we did with it.

More Video Games! Play Planetoid Piracy, our entry in Ludum Dare 38!


Hey! We made another game! This one’s a lot better than the other two Ludum Dare games we made! Whether or not it’s better than the Pumpkin Man Vs. The Darkness 0.5, is more unsure.

You can visit the entry page for it here:$19674

And you can download it from GameJolt here:

My Favorite Game! (a work in progress)

Hey. We don’t have any comics to post, because we went on hiatus, like I said last week. This is what I wanted to show you though. As you may know, me and Jim have always had a passion for game design, in addition to comics.

These are some screenshots from a work in progress. It’s an RPG with a unique pong-based battle system, which you may be able to see from the screenshots. It’s actually been less than a month since I started, but it seems to progressing rather quickly.

If you want to see this finished, or are interested in supporting our work, please, consider our Patreon page. We also have a Facebook page too, if you’d like to follow us that way.

This is a project I’d like to finish, but there’s a lot of stuff I can’t do on my own. I’d appreciate your support, and feedback.


Wandering Monster: Pluto’s Heart (Ludum Dare 33 Entry)

Over the weekend, me and my brother made a game in 72 hours for Ludum Dare, a game making competition.

This is our second game. You can find the game here. Please play it and enjoy it.

The game is an short, 8-bit Zelda style game. The story is told in the game’s beginning.

The game only runs on Windows (we programmed it in c#).


Charge Attack July 2015 Prototype


I told you about this a while ago, didn’t I?

This is the fighting game I’ve been working on with my brother. It’s in a very crude form, but please download it and send us your comments. I would appreciate that.

Download Charge Attack from Dropbox


This is probably the last post you’ll see from me for about a week and a half. 😦

Color Wheel – The Game

Me and my brother worked on making a game for Ludum Dare 30, the 72 hour game making contest. The game we made is called color wheel. The Ludum Dare page is here. The page on Robot Souls Games is here.

As you can see, it features Pumpkin Man from my earlier comic. It was also going to feature more characters from my comics (Stray Robot can be found in the sprites folder) but we didn’t have time to add more. When version 2 comes out, it will have more of my characters.

We hope you enjoy it!

– Dean