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We all know our ABCs, right?
This has been a fun project to work on. Every letter of the alphabet has been turned into a character.
This has forced me to create a lot of unique character designs, and has taught me some new stuff! I hope you like it!


Psycho Games: Character Reference Sheets 2

 photo Clara Larson_zps5zztvrxv.png

 photo Mayor David Park_zps2lbxii09.png

Hey. Sorry to say, we’re still on hiatus. Here are some more character reference sheets to tide you over. As you can see, Clara’s design was changed, and we have a new character.

Hopefully we’ll have something you can actually read next week. Please have patience with us.


Psycho Games: Character Reference Sheets

 photo Victor Reed_zpset9cv5mx.png

 photo Zed Francis_zps3isrq4ox.png

 photo Clara Larson 1_zpschsyoyfw.png

Hey all! We thought we’d give you a sneak peak of our upcoming comic, “Psycho Games.” These are the unfinished reference sheets for the three main characters of the story. They’re a bit rough, but we were really excited about the designs and wanted to show you. If you look around, the theme of the site has changed in anticipation for our biggest project yet. The comic will probably begin in around two or three weeks, in order to give us time to prepare and because of a mission trip.

In the meantime, we hope you look at these drawings and try to figure what sort of comic it’s going to be.

-Jim (The Writer)

These were a labor of love to create. Especially Clara. She’s really hard to draw.

-Dean (The Artist)

Shadow Wide Cover

I finished the cover of Shadow Wide! You can read the whole story here, or by clicking the image.

I don’t know if this is a great cover or a terrible cover.

Now that Shadow Wide is done, I’m going to work on Pumpkin Man. It’s been a while. I shouldn’t switch comics so often.

While I said I might go back and edit some of the backgrounds, don’t expect it.

It’s been fun.


Random Illustration

Hello. I know I’m supposed to be posting another page of Shadow Wide, but I’ve been too busy this week to finish page 11.

So here I am posting this illustration, just because I feel the need to post something. I’m not sure if it can really be called an “illustration,” though, it’s more of just a giant doodle. I drew it back on the 24th of February with a ball point pen on printer paper, and I decided to save it for a time like this when I couldn’t finish a page on time.

So there you have it. Please note that this drawing has absolutely no intended meaning.


Another SAT Illustration

Again, I’m posting another illustration about the SAT test. My teacher didn’t like the past three illustrations because they weren’t uplifting enough. So here, I have the students who succeeded at the test ascending into Heaven (the central figure with the crown received a perfect score of 2400). The students who failed to reach the average score of 1538 are burning in hell and being tortured by demons. One of the students received a score of zero. It’s not really possible to receive a zero, I think, but I gave him a zero anyway. I realize that the composition isn’t that good (my brother said the figure with the zero should be centralized), but I am kind of in a rush.

I think the allegorical meaning is pretty clear.

I’m about halfway done with the next page of Shadow Wide. I haven’t had much time to work lately.