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Klamert’s Village: Pages 1 – 7

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Happy new year! This is the first part of a comic my brother wrote (and I drew). I hope you enjoy this story. The entirety of what you see here was created in the last 3 days, so we worked pretty hard.

-Dean (artist)


This began because of our mutual desire to create a comic by combining our efforts, with the goal of quickly and dirtily making a comic over new year’s (although it looks like it’ll take a bit longer). We started wanting to make a comic with a simple plot involving a robot hero, and one that we could finish in around 10 pages. Dean also wanted the story to have a powerful sense of good and evil in it. Then I had the idea of a robot hero who was good, but was forced to work for the wrong side in some sort of man-versus-society story. Well, rather quickly the story evolved (or perhaps devolved) into the story of six robots working for a rather irreputable seeming deserter, performing the rather irreputable task of stealing food from villagers. Well, it’s got robots, it’s got character, and it’s got a rather complicated moral dilemma. What a great way to start off the new year. I hope to work with Dean to create many more wonderful and interesting comics.

-Jim (writer)


Game of Consequences

Sorry that this next comic is not the next episode of “Super Pumpkin.” Episode two was longer than I expected, so I haven’t finished it yet.

This comic came about when my brother asked me to draw a picture of him playing video games. This is what I came up with. It’s not my favorite comic so far, but it’s all I have.

Have video games ever ruined your life?

The Artist

Forgive me if the handwriting is too difficult to read. Some people may be offended, due to the similarities between this and the creation/evolution debates, but I hope you can enjoy this as simply the interaction between an artist and his art.

This is my first two-page comic. Longer comics will be put in pdfs.

– Dean Yockey