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Blue Lloyd


Lloyd Lloyd is the leader of the Pumpkin Cult, featured in the Pumpkin Man comic.

In the game, he fights at a range with good projectiles, but also relies on his very powerful thro

His alternate color alludes to Zoid, from the secret comic you haven’t read yet.

Moves List:

Input Image Notes
A Kick Short Kick:
Lloyd’s jab.
←A Up Kick Up Kick:
Very fast. Even faster than his stand A. Moves Lloyd forward. Can cancel into his stand A.
↓A Slide Kick Slide Kick:
Lloyd’s fast low attack. Slides him forward. Very useful for offense. See strategy below.
↘A Slide Sweep Slide Sweep:
Similar to his Slide Kick, but travels farther and knocks down.
↑A Flip Kick Flip Kick:
Lloyd flies forward. Hit’s overhead. Pretty neutral on hit, though, so you can’t combo into anything after it.
(air) A Air Kick Air Kick:
Good hitbox for air-to-air and air-to-ground. Hits overhead. The hitbox reaches behind him, so it would cross up, but we don’t really have cross up in this game.
B (hold) Punch Punch:
Chargeable, with three levels.
Moves Lloyd forward. His heavy attack.
At level two, it moves farther.
At level three, it creates an after-image, creating an asynchrounous attack.
↓B Upper Squatting Up:
A very fast uppercut. Launches. Good for defense, and some combos.
←B Sky Punch Zoom Punch:
Very strong anti-air. Launches, but the opponent will not be juggle-able.
(air) B Air Punch Air Strike:
Lloyd’s heavy air attack.
On air-to-air, the opponent will be sent straight to the ground.
A+B Spin Throw Grabbed Spin Throw:
Lloyd’s throw. Can be teched. Lloyd spins the opponent and throws them back.
A+B (hold) Blood Throw Blood Throw:
Activated by holding down the throw command. Lloyd pushes the opponent away, and inflicts a slow affect on them, which both slows their movement and attacks, and also prevents them from jumping, for a short period of time.
C Blood Geyser Upper Blood Geyser upper:
Useful for offense and defense. Very damaging in combos. It’s large hitbox also makes it a good anti-air, although it lacks invincibility.
D (← or → changes) Blood Blast Special Blood Blast:
Lloyd makes blood erupt from the ground in one of three positions. Pressing back makes it near, neutral for mid range, and forward for long range.
C+D Counter Blood Counter:
Lloyd will counter any non low, non throw attack. The counter period begins instantly, making it his reversal. On receiving a hit, Lloyd activates Blood Burst.
Blood Burst Blood Burst:
Blood Burst launches on hit, and creates a slow effect. This can combo into his Geyser, or Blood Channeling.
The burst can be canceled before activation into any attack, including Blood Counter, allowing Lloyd to counter multiple hits.
Blood Channeling Blood Channeling:
Lloyd creates three successive explosions of blood. This move comes out fast, autotargets the enemy’s horizontal position, and juggles the opponent. His most useful super for combos.
Force Field Force Field:
Lloyd’s reversal super. It has invulnerable startup. The force field lingers for a little bit, and Lloyd can move freely as it follows him.
Any projectile that comes in contact with the force field will be reflected.
The forcefield itself does multiple hits, doing moderate damage.
Blood Armor Blood Armor:
Upon Activation, Lloyd turns redder.
The affect lasts until Lloyd is hit by an attack, and that attack is completely nullified.



Like most characters, Lloyd can perform a simple A-B-C combo, starting from his stand A. He can also initiate combos from either of his air attacks.

Lloyd’s slide kick is a very useful tool for combos and pressure, especially since it moves in and hits low. It can be canceled out of quite liberally into any non-A attack. It’s even possible to kara-cancel out of it, which can increase the range of any of his B  or C attacks.

Therefore, the following combos off of a low are possible:

↓A – B – C – X
↓A – ↓B – C – X
Or, if you’re more ambitious
↓A – A – B – C – X

He can also combo into his X super from either of his throws, or his counter.
From his counter, he can cancel before the burst for any combo, if the attack punishes.
He can also combo after the burst into his geyser, X super, or both.

C+D – C – X
C+D – X


Against Peter, Lloyd obviously has to worry about Peter’s shield bash getting through his projectiles. It’s good to place a blood blast in front of him, since he might run into it.

It’s also possible to cancel Lloyd’s counter into another counter, to counter every hit of Peter’s candle, but it’s probably not worth it. Lloyd’s force field is probably a better counter to candles, but note that Peter’s Blue Moon often beats Lloyd’s force field, if you don’t block it.

Against Pumpkin Man, Lloyd obviously has to worry about Pumpkin Man’s teleport. However, Pumpkin Man is not invincible during the start up, so you can hit him out of it with blood blast. Also, you’ll have to look out for Pumpkin Man’s Pumpkin Diver. Always be ready to counter.

Pumpkin Man’s Dire Walk will be more of a problem than his teleport. He can walk right through a lot of your stuff, but he can only take one hit. His cape can reflect anything you’ve got, if he uses it right.

Also, Lloyd’s force field is a great counter to both of Pumpkin Man’s supers. He can actually reflect Pumpkin Man’s vines, and inflict their slow effect on him, and it’ll also reflect all of those stars in Shining Pumpkin.