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Peter’s a little kid in a tin hat, as featured in the Shadow Wide comic.

In the game, he fights competently at mid range. He has long-ranged normal moves, and can counter his enemy with confidence.

His alternate color is gold. That’s cool.

Moves List:

Input Image Notes
Walking Guard and Walk:
Peter guards automatically when walking forward. Knockback is decreased, but guardstun is increased.
 A  Slash  “I don’t care” slash:
Peter’s jab. Better’n Lloyd’s.
↓A Low Slash “Don’t make fun of me” slash:
Doesn’t actually hit low. It’s got long range, though.
(air) A Air Slash “Not so close” slash:
Peter’s air-to air.
B Over My Head Slash “Over My Head” slash:
Good anti-air. Huge hitbox. Peter’s strongest defensive normal.
→B Over Your Head Slash “Over Your Head” slash:
An overhead.
↓B Low Thrust Low thrust:
Peter’s sweep. Good range, and it hit’s low. Good for you.
(air) B Air Down Slash “Way over your head” slash:
Peter’s heavy air attack.
Good for him.
A+B Oh Princess Oh, Princess!:
Peter’s throw. Can be teched. The princess grabs them, and zaps em with lightning.
C (hold)
D cancels
Shield Bash New Moon:
Peter dashes forward, hitting with his shield. This move can be charged. The longer you charge it, the farther he goes.
During the charge period, he’s invulnerable to everything except throws. The charging period can be canceled by pressing D.
On hit, New Moon can be cancelled into Bad Moon.
↓C Shield Upper Bad Moon:
Peter’s shoryuken. It’s got more invulnerability than his other C move.
This is a good reversal.
D (← or → changes) Candle Toss
Candle Fire
“Discount” Candles:
Peter tosses a candle, which explodes into fire.
The fire lingers for a little bit, and does a bunch of hits.Pressing back makes it near, neutral for mid range, and forward for long range.
Magic Storm.png Magic Storm:
Peter makes a bunch of lightning bolts (actually, 4) come down from the sky. Cannot be blocked in the air.
Blue Moon.png Blue Moon:
Peter’s reversal super. It’s invulnerable to everything but throws, through most of it.
It’s pretty strong, but punishable on block.



Like most characters, Peter can perform a simple A-B-C combo, starting from his stand A. He can also initiate combos from either of his air attacks.

His neutral B launches during a combo, though, so for some combos, →B is more optimal.

Since he can combo his Bad Moon after New Moon, he also gets:
A – B/→B – C – ↓C
But, since he doesn’t have an air super, he can’t combo a super after the ↓C.

For comboing into supers:
A – →B – C – X/Y
You can use whichever super you want. I really don’t care.

Peter can also combo from his throw and sweep into a super move. Good for him.

Peter can’t combo into his candle, but he can combo out of it. Do whatever you want.


Against Lloyd, don’t be too eager rushing in. Your shield bash can get you through his burst, but if you’re not careful, he can still get you. Lloyd has good throws, so you don’t always want to get too close. Remember to cancel shield bash with D.

Also remember that Blue Moon will beat Lloyd’s force field, unless he guards, then you’ll be the one getting hurt.

Against Pumpkin Man, Peter obviously has to worry about Pumpkin Man’s teleport. You can set a candle and stand in the fire to prevent Pumpkin Man from getting close. He really won’t like that. The candle should also help against his Dire Walk, unless he reflects it.

Always be ready to counter his Pumpkin Diver with shield bash. Also, you can anti-air him with your X super, and he won’t be able to block it.