Pumpkin Man

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Blue PumpkinMan


Pumpkin Man. What is he, really?

In the game, Pumpkin Man is a mixup character. He has powerful offense.

His alternate color is blue. This alludes to Blue Pumpkin man, from the secret comic.

Moves List

Input Image Notes
 (hold any direction at peak of jump)  Floating  Floating:
Pumpkin Man can float through the air for a limited time. That’s pretty cool.
A Hook Hook:
Pumpkin Man’s jab, or at least sort of. He moves forward.
 →A  HookHook  Double Hook:
Pumpkin Man does two hooks in a row. He moves even farther. Wow.
(↑A in air)
Upper Upper:
Can be performed in air or ground, but let’s just keep it on the ground, okay.
Useful for defending against jumpers.
 ↓A (↙ or ↘ changes)  Low Hook  Sweep Hook:
Pumpkin Man slides forward and sweeps the opponent. Pumpkin Man’s low attack. ↙ is shorter but faster. ↘ is longer but slower.
 (air) A  Low Hook  Air Hook:
Looks the same as sweep hook, but it’s in the air, and it doesn’t hit low. Pumpkin Man’s fastest air move.
B (hold)

(→B in air)

Straight1Straight2Straight3 Straight:
Chargeable. The longer you charge it, the longer the range.
In combos, it launches the opponent.
In air, Pumpkin Man floats while charging any of his B attacks.
↓B (hold)

(just B in air)

Down Straight Straight-to-the-floor:
Like all of his B moves, it’s chargeable, with multiple ranges. Hits overhead.
Moves Pumpkin Man forward.
Up Straight Straight-to-the-roof:
Once again, chargeable.
Pumpkin Man’s launcher.
(air) ↓B (hold) StraightDown Straight Straight-to-his-head:
Chargeable. Great stun on hit or block.
A+B Punishment.png Punishment:
Pumpkin Man’s normal throw. Techable. Does not launch or knock down, but leaves them standing there.
C (air or ground) Flight.pngExplosion.png Pumpkin Diver:
Pumpkin Man flies forward and grabs the opponent, and then carries them into the sky. Then they explode. Wow.
At close range, it’s unblockable, but becomes blockable after traveling a little bit.
Big damage.
↓C Up Flight Heavenly Pumpkin Diver:
Same as above, but he flies up.
(air) ↓C Down Flight.png Earthly Pumpkin Diver:
Same as above, and above, but he flies down.
D (all directions change position) (also, in air) Vanish Vanished:
Pumpkin Man teleports, to one of nine locations, depending on the direction.Neutral sends you behind them. Up teleports you right above their head.
When teleporting into an aerial position, Pumpkin Man automatically floats.The rest of the positions you’ll have to figure out yourself.
 C+D  Dire Walk  Dire Walking:
Pumpkin Man walks forward. He can absorb one attack, as long as it’s not a normal throw.Has multiple followups.
D during this will teleport.
C+D again will cancel it.
 ↪A  Terror  Terror:
A throw followup.
 ↪B  Eradicate  Eradication:
An overhead followup.
On a clean hit, it creates an explosion. Wow! It’s punishable on block, though.
 ↪C  Cape  Reflection:
A defensive followup. Invulnerable startup.
Pumpkin Man’s cape can reflect projectiles.
Does damage on hit.
Vine Growth.png Growth:
Pumpkin Man creates a bunch of vines. This can hit an opponent who’s downed.
On hit, it causes a slow effect, which hampers their movements and also prevents the opponent from jumping.
(air or ground)
Shining Pumpkin.png Shining Pumpkin:
Pumpkin Man’s reversal super. Isn’t invulnerable for very long, though, and doesn’t do much damage outside of the corner. Mainly useful for cancelling his Pumpkin Diver and Eradication, to make them safe.



Pumpkin Man can’t easily combo into his C special move, like most characters. Most of his B moves launch when used in a combo. For combos from A moves, A – B is usually the best you can get.

Here’s some ways he can combo his A’s and B’s together.

A-(any) B
A – →A – (any) B
←A – (any normal)
B (starter) – B

Pumpkin Man can also combo after his throw, mainly with →A and B.

A+B – →A . . .
A+B – B

In addition, he can combo from his ←B launcher into his Heavenly Pumpkin Diver.
He can also combo Eradication into either Pumpkin Diver.

←B – ↓C
(C+D) – B – ↓C (or just C, but the timing is different)

After Pumpkin Diver, his only followup is Shining Pumpkin. This is only a worthwhile combo ender in the corner.

When done properly, and in the corner, this is Pumpkin Man’s most damaging combo, dealing over half health:
(C+D) – B – ↓C – X

It’s pretty tricky, but Pumpkin Man can also combo into Eradication from →A  (second hit), a starter B, and maybe a few other things.

Due to damage scaling, these combos won’t damage as much as the above ones, but if you just want a really long combo, here are a few options.

A+B – →A – C+D – B – ↓C/C – X
←A – A – →A – C+D – B – ↓C/C – X

Also, his Growth super can OTG, so there’s probably a bunch of weird combos into that too, but I’ll let you figure that out yourself.

General Strategy:

Pumpkin Man has great mixup, but don’t get too predictable, or you’ll get punished, especially with his Pumpkin Diver.

It’s often advisable to save a meter for Shining Pumpkin, so you can cancel any stupid mistakes.

Pumpkin Man’s Growth is a very unique super. Because the opponent is trapped, you are given a good mixup opportunity. Don’t get cocky, though, because they can still counter you. The vines can be reflected by Lloyd’s force field, so don’t be too shocked if you turn green.


Against Lloyd, you’ll definitely have to watch out for his projectiles. He can’t control air space as well as Peter, though, so that’s an option. You’ll still have to be careful, though.

Peter can be pretty tough. You’ll certainly have to be patient.