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Psycho Games 20: The Condemned

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I wanted to try something different and new with this chapter. It’s easy to follow the status quo, and only write predictable events, that are in line with the general plan for the story. For once, I didn’t want to do that. Writing Psycho Games has been a learning experience. Right now, I’m not sure if this was a great idea, or a bad one, but I’m happy I tried it, because later, I’ll be able to look back at this chapter, where I tried something new, and I can apply what I learned from it. If we’re not allowed to take risks, with the possibility of making mistakes, it’d be impossible to learn, and get better.



It’s been over a month, now, since we put out the previous chapter. I certainly am sorry. This chapter was a lot of fun, especially since I added a few colors to it . . .
Sorry about the image quality. It’s hard to convert drawings to digital images without loss or obscuration.
Ghost Victor has a lot of advice for Victor, but the most important thing he should be telling him is to stay away from fires. A lot of bad stuff happened to future Victor, apparently, but being perpetually on fire might be the worst . . .
Thanks for reading!



Psycho Games Chapter 17: The Executioner – part 1

Ep17 coverEp17 p1Ep17 p2Ep17 p3Ep17 p4Ep17 p5Ep17 p6Ep17 p7Ep17 p8Ep17 p9Ep17 p10Ep17 p11

Read the story thus far here!

Gosh. It’s been more than a month. Guess I slept in. Sorry.

This chapter is unique. The cover was made entirely with copic markers. Pages 1-4 were colored on the computer. Page 11 was made with crayons and sharpie.

This whole thing has been an experiment. What do you think of it? Please tell me.

-Dean (The Artist)

This is probably the chapter we’ve worked the hardest on. For this time, we decided to focus entirely on having high quality, rather than meeting a deadline. We’ll probably try to find a compromise between speed and quality in later chapters, as one month is a bit too long…

This is also a special and unique chapter in the script and storytelling. Dean told me to write scripts as though “they were a letter to him” rather than incoherent scrawling. Regrettably to say, my older scripts were more of an attempt to just put ideas on paper, regardless of flow. This time, I made sure to revise multiple times and spend as much time as necessary on characterization, etc., while also setting up multiple concurrent threads and introducing new characters and concepts.

Well, hopefully it works.

-Jim (The Writer)


Psycho Games Chapter 2: The Victorious One – Part 2 (10 pages)

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 photo ep2 p3_zpsubegwwtt.png

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 photo ep2 p7_zpsjlgb2aav.png

 photo ep2 p8_zpsgfnfxz6y.png

 photo ep2 p9_zpsuhxc1by1.png14055066_511093789081797_8377978724897242436_n


Sorry we’re late. Here’s chapter 2 of Psycho Games. It was a lot of work. I hope you enjoy it more than chapter 1.
Zed is a lot funner to draw than Victor. You’ll be seeing more of him in the next chapter. Please look forward to it. Read the whole story thus far here.

-Dean (The artist)

Hey Guys. It’s at points like this when I begin to see the errors and mistakes in my writing, and see stuff that can’t be fixed just by swapping out the text of word bubbles. It’s easy to think that a comic will work well if every individual panel is incredibly thought out, but in reality, that won’t help at all if it doesn’t work well as a whole. Actual plot and flow are much more important than minute details. When I look back on some of my favorite cartoons or comic books, they’re filled with small mistakes, but are enjoyable because all the good parts of them make up for that, like the plot, the humor, or the pacing. I suppose these first chapters were not as engaging as they could be, but the next one is already going to be better, and I plan on learning from my mistakes and lack of perspective and continue to strive toward making something truly interesting and engrossing. In the end, it’s pretty good that I’m seeing my mistakes 2 chapters in, and not 20. Prepare for many more exciting things to come.
-Jim (The Writer)

I lettered stuff. It wasn’t particularly hard. I colored stuff too. That was fun, but not particularly hard either. Jim and Dean are crazy. Not as mush as me, but still crazy.

Kumquats are cool. So is this comic.

Ponies are really awesome. This comic is as well.

Emus are absolutely amazing. This comic… well, it might not be as great as an emu, but you should read it anyway.

-Emma (The letterer and colorist)