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Pumpkin Man: Pumpkin Heaven pages 31 – 35

 photo ep11 p31_zps8pu1sctw.png

 photo ep11 p32_zps8tph9xp8.png

 photo ep11 p33_zpswsygww92.png

 photo ep11 p34_zpsqpjuhcb8.png

 photo ep11 p35_zps9pkmrlbu.png

Just when you thought this cartoon couldn’t get any bloodier . . .


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Pumpkin Man: Old ones pages 57 – 66

 photo ep10 p57_zpsbhyk7v48.png

 photo ep10 p58_zpsf8duqvnh.png

 photo ep10 p59_zpsd67vrpbj.png

 photo ep10 p60_zpsezqhuzl3.png

 photo ep10 p61_zps665nybpo.png

 photo ep10 p62_zpswcpzdnpb.png

 photo ep10 p63_zpsirqgw4ax.png

 photo ep10 p64_zpseyfshquc.png

 photo ep10 p65_zpsocirsf2c.png

 photo ep10 p66_zpsi5l15fwu.png

It’s pretty risky to try to argue with Pumpkin Man. At least he’s a nice guy, right?

Is it just me, or does Mouth look kind of like Buddha? My brother said he looked more like Jabba the Hutt, or some evil baby. Whatever he looks like, he’s pretty weird. I hope you’re enjoying all the weird demons.


Read Pumpkin Man: Old Ones.