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Psycho Games 22: The Condemned – part 3

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Everybody dies, but can one death be called more tragic than another, or are all deaths, and all lives, really equal?


Psycho Games Chapter 14: Tickets to Torture – part 1

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Hey, it’s been a little bit. We cetainly haven’t forgotten about Hoko Poko, though!
There have been a lot of new characters lately. The new trio is a lot of fun to draw.
You can check out the story, from the beginning, here.
We’re definitely gonna add a lot of the Psycho Games characters to our fighting game sometime. You downloaded it, right? Tell us what you think!
If you didn’t though, there’s a simple way to fix it.
View the main guide, and download here!

-Dean (Squiggler)

It doesn’t take work to be unhappy, rather, it’s the easiest thing to do. To be happy, that takes effort. A person must decide to get out of bed and do something, and to be grateful and positive. To be unhappy, all a person needs to do is nothing. You can’t just sit and wait for your life to turn into some fairytale fantasyland. That’s not real life.

It’s easy to be unhappy when nothing bad at all is happening, so it’d be even easier to be unhappy when one’s life is threatened daily, like in the Psycho Games. Victor, Zed, and Clara also need to work to be happy. In fact, they have to work really, really hard. As bad as things are for them, I hope they succeed.

-Jim (Author)

Psycho Games, Chapter 13: The Dead Awaken – part 3


Wanna read it all from the start? You can here.

Hey! Hope you’re having a happy Valentines Day over there.

Drawing manly men is quite a bit different than drawing cute kids. I enjoy both, though.

Drawing that kitchen scene really brought me back to when I was drawing Pumpkin Man.

Anyways, sorry to complain, but I’ve got a bone to pick with someone. Zed stole my mechanical pencil! How am I gonna draw cartoons without it? Look, he’s just using it to write his memoirs. What a self-obsessed turd. Who’d want to read that anyways?

We’re gonna have to go on a short hiatus, while I look for another pencil.

Anyways, have a wonderful day. I love you.


The earth is spinning, and I am tired. The Dead Awake was only supposed to be two parts, and was meant to be mostly odds and ends of story bits, but it looks like we got 3 parts worth of odds and ends. These odds and ends are meant to set up into something later.

There was a small book sale at college, and it was very hard to find a book there that wasn’t a murder mystery or a thriller. There’s too many of those kind of books. Hopefully, Psycho Games is bringing something slightly fresh and new to the table of comics, and fiction in general.


Psycho Games Ch 6: The Just Judge – part 2

 photo ch6 cover_zpsz0ym3gzi.png

 photo ch6 p1_zpsakydoj7z.png

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 photo ch6 p6_zpsctpjzuxf.png

 photo ch6 p7_zpsu0idt54y.png

 photo ch6 p8_zpsrco5t4cd.png

 photo ch6 p9_zpsmxvdlcim.png

 photo ch6 p10_zpsqz1oc8gg.png

Hey. Please excuse my brother. Also, please excuse the badly colored cover, which I am entirely responsible for.


I’m expecting hate-mail. I actually don’t get a lot of mail, so hate-mail might actually be appreciated. Clara isn’t necessarily an amazing person, but even if a person is completely terrible, and they’re a girl, having them get punched in the face is generally very frowned upon. I’d like to say this was completely necessary, but I probably could have thought of a different way. I wonder if I’m a worse person than any of my characters. I hope this comic doesn’t turn into a psychological self-diagnoses of myself. Oh well. Now that the trio is formed, we can get into the meat of things in the next chapter.


Ch. 5: The Just Judge – Part 1 (10 pages)

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 photo ch5 p2_zpsd4rev8au.png

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 photo ch5 p5_zpskkxlynsx.png

 photo ch5 p6_zpsdhckncsf.png

 photo ch5 p7_zps5aeddsef.png

 photo ch5 p8_zpstzkuhvqk.png

 photo ch5 p9_zpscvwustfd.png

 photo ch5 p10_zps4nc7jhap.png

Hey. Here we are. We’ve finally officially introduced our much-anticipated third main character: Clara Larson. It’s good to be here. We hope you like her. Actually, I don’t think Jim feels that way. I think he wants you to hate her. As a writer, he’s pretty touchy about his characters, and the backlash against Victor has got him feeling grumpy. Don’t tell him I said that, though.

Sorry we don’t have a cover. We’re trying to catch up on that. I set up a cover gallery for our covers, but we only have three. Sorry. We’re trying to catch up. You should see ten pages next week, and then we’ll probably switch to posting one whole chapter every other week. Sorry for all the unreliability.

-Dean (running out of robot emoticons)

I’m currently trying to write chapter 7, and it’s pretty hard. Chapter 6 is looking pretty good, I think, but I don’t know what others will think. I always worry that I’ll wake up one day, and realize everything I’ve ever written is absolutely terrible, and I didn’t realize that. Maybe it’s true, and I’m deluded, in a dream that my writing is decent. Learning about how differently other people interpret the story can be disheartening, but I hope that they enjoy what they read. Well, either way, it doesn’t really matter as long as I improve. If you have any constructive criticism, that’d be helpful.
– Jim

Read the story thus far here.

Pumpkin Man: The Dark Pumpkin pages 22 and 23

Now that Boid’s dead, the real fight can start. It looks like Crane wants to get involved. I wonder what’s going to happen next.

Sorry if page 23 looks weird. My good pen ran out in the middle and I had to go to the store and buy new ones.

Yeah, it’s only two pages. I don’t have a good excuse. I’ve been playing Sonic Adventure 2. It’s the greatest game in the world.

By the way . . . Boid’s been added to the fighting game.

Pumpkin Man: The Dark Pumpkin pages 20 and 21

Boid has died. Poor guy. Did he really deserve it? I think he probably did.

Look! Lloyd’s father (Mr. Lloyd) is here. What’s he doing here? Why’d he side with the Cyborg?

Sorry that in a whole week, I’ve only made two pages. I’ve been working on the fighting game a lot, and playing Mario Maker. I’m sorry. Soon, however, we’ll announce the fighting game’s newest character. I wonder who it is?