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Psycho Games Chapter 14: Tickets to Torture – part 1

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Hey, it’s been a little bit. We cetainly haven’t forgotten about Hoko Poko, though!
There have been a lot of new characters lately. The new trio is a lot of fun to draw.
You can check out the story, from the beginning, here.
We’re definitely gonna add a lot of the Psycho Games characters to our fighting game sometime. You downloaded it, right? Tell us what you think!
If you didn’t though, there’s a simple way to fix it.
View the main guide, and download here!

-Dean (Squiggler)

It doesn’t take work to be unhappy, rather, it’s the easiest thing to do. To be happy, that takes effort. A person must decide to get out of bed and do something, and to be grateful and positive. To be unhappy, all a person needs to do is nothing. You can’t just sit and wait for your life to turn into some fairytale fantasyland. That’s not real life.

It’s easy to be unhappy when nothing bad at all is happening, so it’d be even easier to be unhappy when one’s life is threatened daily, like in the Psycho Games. Victor, Zed, and Clara also need to work to be happy. In fact, they have to work really, really hard. As bad as things are for them, I hope they succeed.

-Jim (Author)


Psycho Games #4: The Fool, part 2 (last five pages)

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After a long and unforgivable hiatus, we now present you with the exciting conclusion to chapter 4.

Do you want me to say anything else, or explain this? I know this is incomplete. I cannot justify myself with words. Things aren’t going smoothly right now. There’s still hope, though.

Well, it seems that things are going somewhere. There’s been a fight, Zed’s special powers, and the forming of the duo. Zed’s chapter was stylistically and narratively very different than Victor. Especially because we spent a ton of time on him moping around, talking to himself, and finding the badge. Victor’s chapter felt a bit more fast-paced to me. Though, so far, every chapter has ended in an action scene of some sort. I’m happy that Victor finally got a chance to really succeed, rather than constantly being saved by deus-ex-machina. However, Zed was the main character of this chapter, so the pattern continues of the main character being a wimp/loser. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to break out of this mold soon.