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Psycho Games: #3 The Fool – Part 1 (last five pages)

 photo ep3 p6_zpsvdqmg2zp.png

 photo ep3 p7_zps1vqav3hu.png

 photo ep3 p8_zpspmuagp6w.png

 photo ep3 p9_zpsspnhyzxl.png

 photo ep3 p10_zpscjtgfelq.png

Again, we end a chapter with the readers questioning: “Is Zed alive or is he dead?” I recently got my wisdom teeth out, so I’ve been more stupid than usual. Thus, I didn’t have the mental capacity to go back and revise much of this dialogue. I did, however, write the latter half of the next chapter, which according to my brother, is pretty good. When I’m working a chapter ahead, these chapters feel like old news to me as they’re being made. It makes me pretty impatient to get on with the rest of the story. I hope that does not cause the current stuff’s quality to be less than desirable. There’s a lot of cool stuff up and coming. I need to plan some more, but right now, I just want some rest.
– Jim (The Writer)

 photo Emmas Zed_zps5qr2iwt2.jpg
-Emma (The Letterer and Colorist)

As you can see, Emma doesn’t really like writing words so she just gave us this picture of “Zed.” He seems to be quite attractive. He certainly can’t be OUR Zed, can he? He must be the current Zed’s great-grandfather, who he was named after. I assume that, as Zed’s family line goes on, it goes from a very attractive son (the above Zed) to a more ugly son (our Zed). If you were to go back in time to before the pictured Zed, to one of his ancestors, they would probably be inconceivably beautiful. Similarly, if our Zed were to continue the line, his later descendants would probably be unspeakably ugly. Our Zed is somewhere in the middle. This Zed, is obviously much more towards the beautiful side. I hope this clears things up, for our readers, and for Emma.

-Dean (The Artist [of the comic, but not of the beautiful Zed])


Read the whole story thus far here.


Pumpkin Man: Pumpkin Heaven pages 21 – 25

 photo ep11 p21_zpshsbd0qnu.png

 photo ep11 p22_zpsvnng9t54.png

 photo ep11 p23_zpsfumw764n.png

 photo ep11 p24_zps8rv6scie.png

 photo ep11 p25_zpsnb0pabaq.png

Well, this is a rather violent and shocking turn of events. Of course, I guess young people like me are destined to create overly dark and violent stories.

I hope you’re enjoying it, though . . . but I wonder what that says about you if you do . . .


Read Pumpkin Man: Pumpkin Heaven

Pumpkin Man: Transformations pages 11 and 12

Pumpkin Man’s judgement is coming. I decided that he can teleport. Was this the right decision?

NaNoWriMo starts today. I might be trying to write a story about demons on the moon. I hope I can keep up with Pumpkin Man (not like I have been really keeping up). I’ll try to work harder.


Pumpkin Man: Transformations pages 8, 9, and 10

Pumpkin Man has arrived. It looks like he’s too bright for the Cyborg (which must be why it’s melting).

When his followers see him, they bow down and worship him. Is that extreme?

I hope this makes sense.

I only drew three pages, since I’ve been busy with the fighting game, and I’ve been looking for work.

There have been a lot of system changes to the fighting game. I don’t know when my brother will let us release another prototype, though . . .


Pumpkin Man: The Dark Pumpkin pages 3 and 4


This dream sequence is filling in a bunch of plot holes, but also creating a few new ones like, “how did the Cyborg Pumpkin get to the capitol so fast?” “Where did the ‘capitol of the world’ come from?” and “Why is Lloyd’s father working for the Cyborg Pumpkin?”

Oh well.

Does this all make sense?

Would you be on the side of Pumpkin Man, or on the side of the Dark Pumpkin (aka the Cyborg Pumpkin)?



Pumpkin Man: The Dark Pumpkin pages 1 and 2

Here are the first two pages of the next chapter.

This is Lloyd’s second dream. What do you think of those weird backgrounds?

Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been doing summer school. Both of these pages were drawn during class. Sorry for the mediocre quality.