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Pumpkin Man: Pumpkin Heaven pages 41 – 46

 photo ep11 p41_zpszowqvnwl.png

 photo ep11 p42_zpsvnaaj7cn.png

 photo ep11 p43_zpscmz5ucce.png

 photo ep11 p44_zpsk32wnzao.png

 photo ep11 p45_zpsaewxjrqz.png

 photo ep11 p46_zpszabw6puf.png

This is the final battle. I hope you weren’t expecting too much. The end is almost here. I wonder what causes that big pumpkin to fly . . .

If some of these pages look weird, it’s because they got rained on. I tried to get most of the weirdness out in gimp, though.


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Pumpkin Man: Pumpkin Heaven pages 21 – 25

 photo ep11 p21_zpshsbd0qnu.png

 photo ep11 p22_zpsvnng9t54.png

 photo ep11 p23_zpsfumw764n.png

 photo ep11 p24_zps8rv6scie.png

 photo ep11 p25_zpsnb0pabaq.png

Well, this is a rather violent and shocking turn of events. Of course, I guess young people like me are destined to create overly dark and violent stories.

I hope you’re enjoying it, though . . . but I wonder what that says about you if you do . . .


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Klamert’s Village: Pages 48-54, the end

 photo Page 48_zps3az7p6rq.png

 photo Page 49_zpso2485rer.png

 photo Page 50_zpsu3wfg9wp.png

 photo Page 51_zpsn5qy9mxh.png

 photo Page 52_zpsifgldf2j.png

 photo Page 53_zps4x5p50xa.png

 photo Page 54_zpsyyrtdcxe.png

This the end. I hope you enjoyed the story. We would love to hear your thoughts. This has been a new experience, both in working with my brother, and with outputting comics at this speed. It feels strange to be done with it. Very strange, both in regret and in happiness.


I’ve learned a lot through writing the story for this comic. I think, first of all, as a writer/artist, I believe that it is more important to work consistently than to have divinely inspired creativity. A writer/artist should always aim to hone their skills through practice, and to have some volume of good, completed work. One who calls themselves a writer/artist but hardly ever makes anything isn’t really going to be recognized as one by anyone other than themselves. In doing this, I’ve had a lot of practice, and created 54 pages of comics which I can say that I scripted. So I suppose, in a small sense, I can actually call myself an amateur comic writer. For other writers/artists out there, the most important thing is to work consistently every day and get some practice.
I also cannot understate the importance of reading lots of good comics. Particularly the ones on this blog. You should learn from our well-made comics. One thing I’ve learned a lot from comics like Hunter X Hunter and JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure is how important it is to make the reader not feel cheated, and to provide reasonable explanations to make things feel realistic.
And finally, I have a friend who made a video, so I’d like to make a plug for it here. He’s another good, up-and-coming artist who makes videos in a sort of picture-book form. It’s pretty good.
Thank you for reading our comic. Have a nice day.
– Jim

Pumpkin Man: Transformations pages 1, 2, 3, and 4

This is the start of a new chapter. Click one of the images to jump to the chapter on the Pumpkin Man Series page. I wasn’t initially going to start a new chapter, but “The Dark Pumpkin” was getting so long that I thought I should start a new chapter.

Poor Lloyd. He suffers so much.
– Dean
\[ – – ]/

Despite the somewhat slow speed of drawing and publishing pages, if you read through the story from the beginning, it actually moves very fast. This is probably because of the inspiration of the fast and action-packed Astro Boy. Try reading it from the beginning again. It gives a different perspective on the story, and also, it’s just a fun story to read over and over.
– Jim

Wandering Monster: Pluto’s Heart (Ludum Dare 33 Entry)

Over the weekend, me and my brother made a game in 72 hours for Ludum Dare, a game making competition.

This is our second game. You can find the game here. Please play it and enjoy it.

The game is an short, 8-bit Zelda style game. The story is told in the game’s beginning.

The game only runs on Windows (we programmed it in c#).