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Pumpkin Man: Pumpkin Prophet Page 2

Here’s the next page of Pumpkin Man. You can read the story thus far here, or by clicking on the image.

This page is ahead of schedule, which is good. This page was obviously a lot easier to do.

I hope you’re enjoying the story so far. The next page is coming soon.



Random Illustration

Hello. I know I’m supposed to be posting another page of Shadow Wide, but I’ve been too busy this week to finish page 11.

So here I am posting this illustration, just because I feel the need to post something. I’m not sure if it can really be called an “illustration,” though, it’s more of just a giant doodle. I drew it back on the 24th of February with a ball point pen on printer paper, and I decided to save it for a time like this when I couldn’t finish a page on time.

So there you have it. Please note that this drawing has absolutely no intended meaning.


Another SAT Illustration

Again, I’m posting another illustration about the SAT test. My teacher didn’t like the past three illustrations because they weren’t uplifting enough. So here, I have the students who succeeded at the test ascending into Heaven (the central figure with the crown received a perfect score of 2400). The students who failed to reach the average score of 1538 are burning in hell and being tortured by demons. One of the students received a score of zero. It’s not really possible to receive a zero, I think, but I gave him a zero anyway. I realize that the composition isn’t that good (my brother said the figure with the zero should be centralized), but I am kind of in a rush.

I think the allegorical meaning is pretty clear.

I’m about halfway done with the next page of Shadow Wide. I haven’t had much time to work lately.


The Artist

Forgive me if the handwriting is too difficult to read. Some people may be offended, due to the similarities between this and the creation/evolution debates, but I hope you can enjoy this as simply the interaction between an artist and his art.

This is my first two-page comic. Longer comics will be put in pdfs.

– Dean Yockey