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Check out our latest Ludum Dare Game, “Samurai Zombie Girl”


Me and Jim recently participated in Ludum Dare 44. The theme was, “Your life is currency.”

Check out our game on Ludum Dare.

Check out our game on Itch.io.

The game was made in 72 hours, so it’s very, very unfinished, but we are both proud of a lot of the things we did with it.


My Favorite Game! (a work in progress)

Hey. We don’t have any comics to post, because we went on hiatus, like I said last week. This is what I wanted to show you though. As you may know, me and Jim have always had a passion for game design, in addition to comics.

These are some screenshots from a work in progress. It’s an RPG with a unique pong-based battle system, which you may be able to see from the screenshots. It’s actually been less than a month since I started, but it seems to progressing rather quickly.

If you want to see this finished, or are interested in supporting our work, please, consider our Patreon page. We also have a Facebook page too, if you’d like to follow us that way.

This is a project I’d like to finish, but there’s a lot of stuff I can’t do on my own. I’d appreciate your support, and feedback.


Psycho Games Chapter 1: The Victorious One (part 1) – 10 pages

 photo ep1 cover_zpsktvvfebz.png

 photo ep1 p1_zpsuzvr1jwz.png

 photo ep1 p2_zpsxjs2xdhq.png

 photo ep1 p3_zpsuzouq8d4.png

 photo ep1 p4_zpseflcm4o3.png

 photo ep1 p5_zpspm0ozgby.png

 photo ep1 p6_zpsrpycnivq.png

 photo ep1 p7_zps0lwrydoy.png

 photo ep1 p8_zpshyxkwuj4.png

 photo ep1 p9_zpsvq9wbcz1.png

 photo ep1 p10_zps0he62zsu.png

If you haven’t read the prologue, please read the whole story thus far here.

Hey. It’s here. It’s chapter 1 of our new comic! I am happy.
This comic has been a very new experience for me, on multiple levels. While I did work together with Jim on Klamert’s Village, working with Jim is still new to me. This time, I have to defer much more to his tastes. Obviously, the art is very different than what I’ve done before. Trying to draw characters in a more realistic and serious style has been hard, but I’ve also learned and improved a lot already. I know it might be a stretch to call it “realistic and serious,” but when you compare it to the absurd cartoonishness of my previous stuff, it’s quite the contrast. I’m sure you’re noticing the now much more readable text. That’s because we recently added a new team member. Not only did she do all of the lettering, but she also colored our cover illustration. We’re very happy to have her help. Now, I’ll hand it off to her to write some stuff . . .


     I have to write stuff? Fiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeee.
     Well, this week has been interesting. Decoding Dean and Jim’s spectacularly messy handwriting is hard. Coloring is fun though. For some reason, Jim is very talented in the art of distracting the three of us. Overall, this chapter has been a pretty fun experience.
     RIP Box Man 😭
     -Emma (The Letterer/Colorer Person who is apparently unable to spell)
Hello and good day, or something like that. Emma’s actually pretty nice, even if her note might suggest otherwise. Sadly everything she said about me and my brother is true. However, the guy’s name is officially Box BOY, not Box Man. Although I’m the writer, and this comic is supposed to my vision, this guy’s character design was not at all my idea (He was intended to be a throwaway character). You can thank Dean for creating this weirdo. Writing dialogue is a lot harder than you’d think. It never sounds right the first time you put it down, and always needs to be revised.  Also, even if it looks great on the script, that’s no guarantee it’ll work well on the comics page. Thus, I had to erase a lot of Dean’s word bubbles and re-write them myself. I’ve always hated introduction chapters, and I have trouble making them interesting. Hopefully, the plot will become much more exciting once it progresses further. I have a lot of exciting ideas for upcoming events, so be patient. We’ll get through this together. I hope to get much better at writing over the course of this comic.
– Jim
NOTE: Unfortunately, Chapter 2 will not be released next week, because we’re going on a 1-week hiatus. Look forward to Chapter 2 in 2 weeks.

Wandering Monster: Pluto’s Heart (Ludum Dare 33 Entry)

Over the weekend, me and my brother made a game in 72 hours for Ludum Dare, a game making competition.

This is our second game. You can find the game here. Please play it and enjoy it.

The game is an short, 8-bit Zelda style game. The story is told in the game’s beginning.

The game only runs on Windows (we programmed it in c#).


Charge Attack July 2015 Prototype


I told you about this a while ago, didn’t I?

This is the fighting game I’ve been working on with my brother. It’s in a very crude form, but please download it and send us your comments. I would appreciate that.

Download Charge Attack from Dropbox


This is probably the last post you’ll see from me for about a week and a half. 😦

Game of Consequences

Sorry that this next comic is not the next episode of “Super Pumpkin.” Episode two was longer than I expected, so I haven’t finished it yet.

This comic came about when my brother asked me to draw a picture of him playing video games. This is what I came up with. It’s not my favorite comic so far, but it’s all I have.

Have video games ever ruined your life?