Pumpkin Man Vs The Darkness – 0.5

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Whoah! Lookit this! I found this free fighting game on the internet! Quick, grab you’re XBax controller! Wait . . . you don’t have one . . ? I guess we’ll have to use the keyboard controls, then 😦

How ta’ Play:

Basic Controls:

Xbox Keyboard1 Keyboard2 In Game Name In Fight Action Image Menu
 Thumbstick/DPad Up  W  Up Arrow  ↑  Jump  Jumping.png  Selection Up
 Down  S  Down Arrow  ↓  Crouch  Crouching  Selection Down
 Right  D  Right Arrow  → (when facing right)  Walk Forward (when facing right)  Walking.png  Selection Right
 Left  A  Left Arrow  ← (when facing right)  Walk Back (when facing right)  Back Walking.png  Selection Left
 X  R  I  “A” Attack  A Attack (Light Attack)  Slash  Select
 A  T  O  “B” Attack  B Attack (Strong Attack)  Over My Head Slash  Select
 Y  F  K  “C” Attack  C Attack (Special Move)  Shield Bash  Cancel/ Back
 B  G  L  “D” Attack  D Attack (Special Move)  Candle Toss  Cancel/ Back
 LB  Q  U  “A+B”  Throw  Oh Princess  Select
 RB  E  J  “C+D”  Counter  Counter  Cancel/ Back
 LT  Y  P  “X” X (Super 1)
(requires and expends one half of the super meter)
 Magic Storm
 RT  H  ;  “Y” Y (Super 2)
(requires and expends one half of the super meter)
 Blue Moon
Back  Shift  Ctrl  “A+D”  Taunt  Taunt.png
 Start  Tab  Enter  Pause  Pause  3  Return to Main Menu
 F11  F11  Configure Player 1 Keyboard  Configure Player 1 Keyboard  Configure Player 1 Keyboard  Configure Player 1 Keyboard
 F12  F12  Configure Player 2 Keyboard   Configure Player 2 Keyboard   Configure Player 2 Keyboard   Configure Player 2 Keyboard

Advanced Controls:

Input Desctiption Image
 →→ (when facing right)  Forward Dash  Dashing
 ←← (when facing right)  Back Dash  Back Dashing
 (automatic when standing or walking backward)  High Guard:
Guards overhead or mid attacks.
 Guard High
 ↓ (when not attacking)  Low Guard:
Guards low or mid attacks.
 Guard Low
 (automatic in air when not attacking)  Air Guard:
Able to guard certain attacks.
 Air Guard
 A+B  Throw:
Every character has at least one normal throw. Throws are not guard-able.
 A+B (when grabbed)  Throw Tech (throw escape):
By inputting the throw command before a throw initiates, you can escape a throw.
 Throw Tech
 C+D  Counter (changes depending on character):
Every character has a “counter” move, that, for a certain period, is invulnerable to certain enemy attacks.
These moves are the only way to guard against unblockable moves, like Pumpkin Man’s Pumpkin Diver.
 Counter 1Counter 2
 ↑ (when comboed after third hit)  Air escape:
By holding up while in a grounded hurting or guarding state, when the combo counter reads 3 hits or above, your character will enter an aerial state.
In certain circumstances, this can allow you to escape combos.
 Air Escape


The HUD is pretty minimalist.

Featured here is the health, and character names. Once your health bar is drained, you’ll lose the round. It takes losing two rounds to lose the whole thing.

If your name is colored red, that indicates that you’ve won one round or more. If it’s black, you haven’t won anything yet.

Certain attacks will drain your health bar, even when blocked. However, if your health reaches 0 from one of these attacks, you won’t die until you’re hit cleanly.

Super Meter.png

Featured here is the super meters. The left belongs to player 1, and the right to player 2.

Once the meter’s filled up half way, you can perform one of your character’s super moves. When the meter is completely full, you can do two. Cool.

Guarding and hitting with attacks will give you super meter. Getting hit won’t get you anything, though. However, when guarding, the guarding player gains more meter than the attacker.

Main Menu:


This menu is probably the first thing you’ll see. The top three options allow you to fight with 2, 1, or 0 players. The bottom option allows you to change the keyboard controls, or change resolution.

Character Select Menu:


This is the character selection menu. Player 1 is red, and player 2 is blue.


There are three characters in the current version. Each one of em is completely unique. Wow. We’ve got a strategy guide for each one, too.

Name Image Description
 Lloyd  Lloyd  Lloyd Lloyd’s the leader of the pumpkin cult, that worships Pumpkin Man.

He’s a long-ranged character, who can keep the opponent out.

Featured in the Pumpkin Man comic.

 Pumpkin Man  PumpkinMan  Pumpkin Man is a godlike being.

Pumpkin Man is the most offensive character. He relies on mixup, and close-ranged combat.

Featured in the Pumpkin Man comic.

 Peter  Peter  Peter’s a little kid in a tin hat. He saved the princess. Good for him.

Peter has strong defense, and fights at mid range. He’s the only one with a shoryuken. Good for him.

Featured in the Shadow Wide comic.


After selecting your character, whoever picked first gets to pick the stage, too. Here’s a list of em. Just press left’n’right to pick one.

Picture Discription
 Throne Room Icon  Hey, it’s the throne room from Pumpkin Man! Cool. It’s kinda empty, though.

This is Pumpkin Man’s stage. I dunno why, though.

 Island Icon  Huh. I dunno where this is. I think it’s an island or something.

This is Peter’s home stage. Maybe he went here on vacation.

 Parallax Icon  Wow. Look at that. This stage has parallax. It’ll also make the frame rate drop.
It’s the longest stage. All of the other stages are the same length, but this one’s longer.This is Lloyd’s home stage. I don’t think he’d wanna go here on vacation, though. Why’s there a fence, anyways? Are we not supposed to be here?
 Desolate Icon  This place is creepy. Forget about Peter stabbing you, look at all those sharp edges. I’d be pretty careful around here.
 Black Icon  Hey, fireworks! This will make your opponent’s head hurt, and there’s not much point of reference either.

I like this one.

 Pssst . . . there’s a secret stage.

Config Menu:


Each Lloyd is a different resolution. If the game runs choppy, or is slow, reducing the resolutions should help.


Key Name Description
 F1  Training Mode  Input during a fight to activate “Training Mode.” Health and Super Meter are reset to full whenever the characters are neutral.
In addition, CPU players will stop acting.
 F2  Display Boxes  Draws the Hitboxes. You’ll be able to see each attacks range, and the bounding boxes for players.
 F3  Display Input Timeline  Displays the input timeline for each player, in addition to the frame rate, and actual updates per second.
 F4  Take Screenshot  Takes a screenshot and saves it to the “Screenshots” folder.
 F11 Configure Player 1 Keyboard Allows you to remap the keys for Player 1.
 F12 Configure Player 2 Keyboard  Allows you to remap the keys for Player 2.