Psycho Games #4: The Fool, part 2 (last five pages)

 photo ep4 p6_zpsjs9lsqks.png

 photo ep4 p7_zpsbblbg1sz.png

 photo ep4 p8_zpsnwi72ctd.png

 photo ep4 p9_zpsorkygitn.png

 photo ep4 p10_zpsvrqo3lqm.png

 photo ep4 p11_zps49sre5zy.png

After a long and unforgivable hiatus, we now present you with the exciting conclusion to chapter 4.

Do you want me to say anything else, or explain this? I know this is incomplete. I cannot justify myself with words. Things aren’t going smoothly right now. There’s still hope, though.

Well, it seems that things are going somewhere. There’s been a fight, Zed’s special powers, and the forming of the duo. Zed’s chapter was stylistically and narratively very different than Victor. Especially because we spent a ton of time on him moping around, talking to himself, and finding the badge. Victor’s chapter felt a bit more fast-paced to me. Though, so far, every chapter has ended in an action scene of some sort. I’m happy that Victor finally got a chance to really succeed, rather than constantly being saved by deus-ex-machina. However, Zed was the main character of this chapter, so the pattern continues of the main character being a wimp/loser. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to break out of this mold soon.

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